8 Tips For Enhancing The Durability Of Your Concrete Outdoor Areas And Pavements


Beauty and durability are a priority in every homeowner’s mind. You always feel great when you have a beautiful and cozy home. Concrete works perfectly in enhancing this dream by lengthening your admirable home design. This construction material is affordable and serves you for a longer duration than asphalt.

Also, it requires minimal maintenance. However, nothing lasts forever. Your concrete outdoor spaces and pavements will wear out and crack with time. This occurrence can be disappointing and heartbreaking when it occurs faster than expected. Fortunately, you can boost the durability of your concrete structures. Here are some tips to help you realize that goal:

Understand the concrete type you use

When you decide to use concrete for your patio and outdoor structures, the first step is determining the best type. There are different types of concrete available in the market. Each of these types has its requirements and uniqueness.

For instance, you can decide to go with the stamped concrete. This type has concrete pavers and bricks design. It does not require high maintenance and comes in different colors to match your backyard décor. Also, it is environmental-friendly and affordable. However, maintaining it is a bit expensive.

Alternatively, you can opt for plain concrete that is more affordable and requires little maintenance. However, you will need sealers to enhance its duration. In this essence, you need to understand the concrete types available and select one that will serve you better.

Ensure it is always clean

Cleanness is the next aspect that can make your concrete last longer. Concrete is one of the elements prone to erosion. This natural process wears out stones and minerals when soil or water passes over them. Letting dirt and debris cover your concrete creates room for this process. After some time, you will notice some cracks and holes in the concrete structures.

Fortunately, you can avoid it. Always keep your concrete surfaces clean. You can use pressure washers and liquid soap to thrust out the debris and alien elements. Ensure you clean them weekly. With this, you will save your concrete surfaces from untimely cracks and stains. 

Use sealers

If you are using stamped concrete, you should consider sealing them with sealers. Sealers work perfectly in protecting your surface from corrosion. The element will also keep the shiny color on your concrete surfaces. Sealing your concrete will save it from cracking after a short duration. For this reason, you should apply sealers and reapply them after two years. This duration can be even shorter depending on the state of your pavement and outdoor concrete.

The basic rule is that you should reseal it when you notice a fade in the structure color and shine. Importantly, clean the concrete surfaces before reapplying a sealer to enhance its effectiveness. Otherwise, you can contract concreters such as Skyco Group for professional resealing services. 

Refrain from destructive chemicals

Normally, concrete and its sealers have a design destined for resisting wear and tear. But when you use corrosive and heavy-duty chemicals, your surfaces will wear out after a short period. In particular, products containing ammonium nitrate or sulfates are a terrible idea for concrete surfaces. These products will react and corrode your concrete.

As such, it is advisable to avoid deiced salts on concrete surfaces as they will have a negative impact on them. Deiced salts work perfectly when dealing with winter ice. But never use them on your concrete if you want it to last longer.  

Consider waxing or polishing stamped concrete

Do you want to save your concrete patio from crack patterns? If so, waxing and polishing is a good idea. These approaches give your concrete surfaces an additional shine. Waxing your concrete during the summer season will make it appealing and attractive.

Also, it will add another layer of protection, especially where the concrete surface is in frequently used areas. This way, you will save the surfaces from cracking despite the number of people using the space.

Control plant growth

No doubt, plants are a threat to your concrete surfaces. Trees, in particular, pass their roots beneath the concrete and push it up. This aspect cause cracks on the concrete surfaces. The unfortunate thing is that you cannot repair the cracks. Replacing it is the only option. This means that you will incur some extra and unplanned costs to fix the issue.

You can avoid such encounters by controlling plants growing on your concrete surfaces. Do not allow trees and deep-rooted plants in such areas. Also, ensure efficient trimming of all your plant roots that are next to these structures. These preventive measures will save you from substantial repair costs and enhance the duration of your concrete surfaces. 

Place some rugs as covers

One of the reasons why you considered concrete is due to its high resistance to scratches and damages. Your furniture can hardly crack a concrete floor. While this is the case, its sealant can easily suffer furniture and chair scratches. The scratches can form a starting point of significant cracks and wear out of your floor.

To eliminate such possibilities, you can consider covering them with rugs. The rugs not only protect the concrete from scratches but also help you avoid spills and staining. Hence, it is an excellent way to maintain your concrete surfaces.

Assess your budget

When deciding to use concrete, you need to assess your budget. It is good to understand that each type of concrete will come with specific maintenance costs. Some will require regular maintenance, while others can stay for decades without it.

So, you need to account for the maintenance expenses when selecting the concrete type. Working with concreters companies such as Skyco Group can help you select the right concrete that will serve you for a long and within your budget. 

In a word, concrete is a good idea for your indoor and outdoor structures. It will enhance the look of your patio, walkways, and driveways. However, several aspects determine how long it will serve you. Applying the above tips will work wonders in boosting your concrete structure durability.


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