5 of the Most Elaborate Casino Designs in World

Over the years, online casinos have enjoyed a surge in popularity, thanks in part to live casino technology. This gives players the experience of being in one of the most luxurious casinos globally, without leaving their sofa. However, there is still a place for the land-based casino, and one thing that these can offer is stunning design and architecture. Here are five of the most elaborate casino designs in the whole world.

1. Casino de Monte Carlo, Mónaco

Monaco is renowned for being glamorous and high-end, and this 19th-century venue is no exception. It is so stunning that many of the casinos in America have tried desperately to emulate it, but nothing has come close to the original true beauty of this casino. From the moment you arrive and glimpse the exterior, your breath is taken away by the stunning and decorative facade. Stepping through the doors, the luxury and splendour continues, with paintings and portraits that reinforce just how glamorous and expensive life is in Monaco. The hospitality is second to none, and players will find all of their favourite games on offer, from table games to slot machines. Be sure to check out the views of the Riviera that are visible from many of the windows.

2. Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa, Atlantic City

In Atlantic City, you can expect an all-out experience, and this sprawling resort is no exception. It started life as a health resort, but it has been expanded over the years and is now home to one of MGM International‘s biggest casinos. It emulates Tuscan architecture, and one of the most notable features is the main tower which is gold glass and reflects light for miles. It cost a whopping $400 million to build and is known locally as the water club. It is a one-stop-shop for all of your needs and includes the casino, the spa, and many shopping outlets, including famous boutique names. The casino is massive, boasting over 180 table games and 3000 slot machines. The resort also has private jets available to go and fetch the rich and famous from all over the world and bring them back to spend time at the casino.

3. The Bellagio, Las Vegas

Often referred to as the casino capital of the world, Las Vegas is home to some of the most glitzy casinos ever built. You may well recognise The Bellagio because it is often used in movies and TV shows. The design of the buildings is first-rate, and the casino offers many different table games as well as plenty of extracurricular activity in the form of shopping and dining. It boasts 14,000 ft.² of outside garden space, which is cared for by a massive team of professional landscape designers and horticulturalists. Although it is known primarily as a gambling venue, the gardens are so impressive that they attract experts from all over the world to come and learn and visit the facility.

4. Morpheus Casino, Macau

Although Macau might not be the first place you think of for exclusive and stunning casinos, this is actually one of the best in the world. The architect is the 2016 Pritzker Architect prize winner, Zaha Hadid, and it cost over $1.1 billion in construction, making the venue in Atlantic City seem remarkably cheap. On the site, you will find 42 storeys that encompass the casino and hotel as well as the retail and dining outlets. They were aiming to create something totally insane, and they may just have succeeded. Thanks to this and other entertainment venues, Macau has become known as the Vegas of the East and attracts some of the most successful gamblers who want to try their luck. There is certainly plenty to choose from, with 500 gaming tables and thousands of slot machines.

5. Baden Baden Casino, Germany

Located in the stunning backdrop of the Black Forest, Baden Baden Casino is as beautiful as the name suggests. Being just outside the city, the casino makes the perfect escape. It is very popular with the elite gambling set, who take full use of all of the facilities. These include a conference complex, world-class dining facilities and a spa. The building boasts some of the most impressive architecture in German history and is decked out with decor and art all locally sourced. If you are looking for beauty rather than out and out ostentatious design, this is the place to go. It is subtle but stunning and so incredibly well designed you will find yourself gazing at the walls and surroundings for hours. As you would expect, all of your most favourite table games are on offer, and you can while away many days away from the hustle and bustle of inner-city life by escaping to this forest retreat.


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