Kite Packaging launch an 100% biodegradable and recyclable bottle sleeve, boasting extreme strength and cost efficiency.


The employee-owned business has utilised its team of in-house experts to source the sustainable future of bottle packaging. Flexi-Hex sleeves are produced from 85% recycled paper and can be easily recycled after use, supporting the environmentally conscious technology. The pinch top box ensures a completely plastic-free design by eliminating the need for tape while providing a safe and secure fastening. Used in conjunction, these products provide excellent protection while minimising environmental impact.

The unique honeycomb-inspired structure features expandable hexagonal cells, demonstrating professional engineering and innovation alongside a sensitivity to the environment: ideal values to convey to your customer. Flexi-Hex products significantly enhance the unboxing experience, which is crucial for securing repeat customers and establishing a reputable brand image.

Hexagons are renowned for their structural strength. Hence, this sleeve is perfectly tailored toward delicate items including glass bottles, ceramics or homeware. The cellular construction intertwines optimal strength with incredible flexibility, enabling you to compress the sleeves for space-saving storage before opening them up to protect your goods. This versatility is tailormade for guarding against any knocks and drops that can occur in transit, granting your goods an exceptional level of protection.

Balance environmental values, excellent functionality and maximum value for money with the Flexi-Hex sleeves, complete with the additional pinch top box.

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