What Can Construction Companies Do To Build A Better Website?


When working in construction, building is in the company’s nature. However, the skills are attributed to bricks and mortar rather than a digital presence. In today’s climate, though, a firm simply cannot scale its intended heights without setting a good impression online.

A solid website can be the foundation of success for all construction businesses, but only when it’s built with the right materials. The following cornerstones are essential.


First impressions count for a lot in business. The two items are unlinked. Still, many clients will feel that an unprofessional site indicates an unprofessional business. The initial challenge is to ensure that landing pages set the right tone.

Colour schemes and website layouts will naturally play huge roles. However, businesses are advised to invest in Magento page speed optimisation practices too. Because if it takes a website longer than 2 seconds to load, clients begin to lose patience.

For similar reasons, choosing the right web host is essential. When 404 error messages are displayed, many people will never return.


Even the best website is redundant if nobody knows it exists. As such, construction firms should view visibility as an essential. Search engine optimisation should be at the top of the agenda. Geographic keywords work best unless it is a global organisation.

Essentially, traffic coming from Scandinavia is pointless for a company that only works in Swansea. The pursuit of brand awareness should additionally extend to social media. People will often see houses or business venues they like and then search for contractors.

Besides, building a strong social media can promote the sense of professionalism and trust. Even if ‘likes’ don’t directly pay the bills.

Trust Building

The element of trust is essential for all businesses, particularly when the initial interactions are online. So, any opportunity to incorporate testimonials and client reviews should be grabbed with both hands. It goes a long way to calming a lead’s nerves.

Their research won’t be limited to seeing what past clients have to say. They will also want to see proof of what can be achieved. A picture paints a thousand words. Sidey’s new site takes this into account with great photos of past projects. Other firms should follow suit.

Celebrating qualifications, certifications, and awards is also advised. Clients only want the best for their construction projects.

Contact Details

Last but not least, construction firms need to appreciate the field they are in. almost all clients will want to speak with an agent and acquire a consultation before signing off on any project. So, website interactions are simply the first touchpoint.

With this in mind, contact details should be easily found. Call redirection and virtual receptionists can help companies maintain a strong image even when busy. Meanwhile, Google My Business listings make it easy for users to call straight from their smartphones.

Websites are great for lead generation but further contact is needed to gain conversions. The sooner this is accepted, the better.


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