ABC Launches First Modern Masonry Programme

ABC Launches First Modern Masonry Programme

The Association of Brickwork Contractors’ ABC Assessment Centre is unique to the sector, as it’s the first training provider to offer CITB-approved accreditation in relation to ancillary bricklaying processes. The short duration courses include practical and theoretical experience in brick-slip systems, fire barriers, brick soffits, windpost installation and masonry support angles.

Delivered by experts with decades of brickwork experience who are available to carry out on-site training within a live working environment, competencies verified as part of ABC’s training programme will be added to candidates’ CSCS card, providing visible proof of their new-found expertise to current and future employers.

Simon Livett, Centre Manager at the ABC Assessment Centre, said: “The training programme is our response to industry demand for more, better-skilled operatives in the brickwork sector. Over the years, manufacturers have developed many fantastic aids for bricklayers, particularly in the commercial building sector with regards to the creation of brick-slip façade cladding systems and the like.

“But there’s a growing feeling that onsite, the level of workmanship has not necessarily kept pace with the evolution of new products and bricklaying techniques. Therefore, in conjunction with the ABC membership, we’ve devised a comprehensive suite of training courses delivered by experts in a range of modern brickwork installations, as well as covering a variety of core competencies such as cavity formation, wall tie installation and expansion joint provision.”

The ABC Assessment Centre offers 16 short duration courses. Half-day, one-day and two-day programmes are available, with ‘background’ issues such as material storage and protection, quality assurance and the role of the bricklayer in the wider building supply chain, also covered within the training. In addition, manufacturer-led CPD training courses will offer trainees direct instruction from product designers and producers.

Simon said although primarily aimed at contractors and current employees, the ABC Assessment Centre’s modern masonry training programme is being rolled out in Further Education colleges. A ‘demo wall’, which is currently in production for 25 hand-picked brickwork ‘Supercolleges’ will allow students to gain hands-on bricklaying experience within their own learning environment. The ABC Assessment Centre is already established as a provider of high-quality, on-site NVQ assessments to the construction sector.


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