Electronic lock models chosen by designers and architects


It is common that one of the main concerns to take into account when travelling is the hotel where you are going to stay, especially if you are going to stay for a long period of time. Clients tend to look for a hotel in accordance with their economic possibilities and always taking into account their needs. It is true that the design of the hotel, the construction of the building, the reception area and the lounge/dining room for meals are one of the main attractions before deciding to stay in a specific hotel. But what really pleases a client the most and what he/she will notice the most is the room where he/she is going to stay and feel comfortable after a whole day working or sightseeing.

That is why every detail counts, from a comfortable bed to a warm and pleasant light. So, what about the security in a room? Can we guarantee the safety of our most precious valuables or the money we want to keep in the room? In this sense, it is important to have an electronic lock with an attractive design and which, of course, fulfils its main function: guaranteeing security through state-of-the-art opening systems such as Bluetooth, numerical code or proximity cards. A good combination of design and functionality will make the customer feel in his comfort zone and give the hotel in question a good appearance and care for its guests.

In the following, you will find two types of electronic locks chosen for their design and minimalism and which can be found for sale at Omnitec Systems, a company with more than 25 years of experience in the development, manufacturing and marketing of locks, minibars, access controls and safes. Therefore, it is a company that manufactures and offers solutions for hotels, always focusing on the most appropriate and minimalist design possible that enhances the guest experience and the feeling of luxury.

The EVO electronic lock

This first type of electronic lock, noted for its minimalism and subtlety, is often one of the best and most common choices for hotels looking for high technological features combined with a minimalist, attractive and user-friendly design. What is most striking about this electronic lock is its mechanism, as it is fully integrated into the door. The only thing that is visible is the doorknob, the keyhole and the reader that works via Bluetooth and Smartphone or with a MiFare proximity card.

Depending on the preferred configuration, no electronic mechanisms will be visible, thus fully respecting the decorative concept of the hotel and the interior of the room. It is a very discreet, elegant electronic lock that fits both classic and more modern styles. In addition, this type of lock guarantees maximum security for guests and their belongings, as the system used to open and close the door can always be synchronised with the hotel’s reception computers, and you can alway opt for remote opening and management.


Secondly, there is the OS-SLIM option, an electronic lock with a high technological level in a sleek profile design. As mentioned in the previous case, this lock is also a very elegant option and stands out for its modern anddetailed technological configuration system. This model offers a clean, modern and innovative feel to the door and the surrounding space, both to the guests in the room and to anyone passing by. Its finishes are combined with black, white and gold; these colours use a VPD (Vapour Phase Deposition) lacquering process that makes the lock highly resistant and prevents any possible future corrosion.

Thus, this model is currently very popular in the hotel sector, especially because of its design that integrates perfectly into any type of design, as well as for its results of use. It has a Bluetooth opening system with a MiFare proximity card or remotely through the Gateway.

In short, this type of electronic security system is becoming more and more common in the hotel sector, which is why it is recommended that you contact the Omnitec team if you have any doubts about this type of electronic lock, as they will be fully prepared to help you and provide your hotel’s security system with modernity and comfort.


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