Tech partners create new safety and security system for Construction Industry
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Two tech companies have joined forces to create a new turnstile with an in-built software system to improve safety and security on construction sites across the UK and Ireland.

Security technology company Envision Intelligent Solutions, which also has offices in Northern Ireland, England and the USA, teamed up with software development firm NTD (North Time and Data) to launch the latest development of their bespoke security turnstile that uses facial recognition technology and records temperatures to help ensure a Covid-free workspace.

The Gateway Turnstile, which is manufactured by Envision, incorporates a new cloud-based software system that links directly to the company’s payroll and HR systems. The first turnstile with the new cloud-based software has rolled off the production line and has been shipped to a large building site in Chepstow in Wales for construction fit-out company Beacons Business Interiors (Bbi Group).

Philip Murdock, Envision IS Managing Director said: “Our clients in the construction industry asked for a bespoke security system that incorporated facial and thermal access readers with a time and attendance system, which is completely cloud networked.  During the pandemic, they needed a contactless product that could link back to their head office and provide the data in real time.”

Amanda Campbell Envision IS Commercial Director added: “Envision moved quickly to get contactless turnstiles to the marketplace to support construction companies to keep sites open and personnel safe.”

Envision partnered with NTD to create the cloud software for the new turnstiles that gave construction companies improved security and communications between the sites and their head offices. NTD adapted its successful NT Pro Workforce Management System to the requirements of the construction industry.

NTD Managing Director Stephen Brown explained: “The Biometric Facial Recognition Terminals and NT Pro Software not only record the time and date of an employee coming onto a construction site, but it also takes their temperature and alerts management if an employee has a high temperature. We believe that with this partnership, there will be a well-structured and user-friendly system that makes it easy for smooth operations and overall profit maximization.”

The software comes with modules that are particularly useful to construction site security. For example, it allows companies to upload CSR/CSCS qualifications and gives access to personnel training files that can all be viewed from the live dashboard ensuring health and safety qualifications are up to date. Additionally, the software provides full job costing, financial reporting and statistics.

The first turnstile was shipped to commercial fit-out specialists Bbi Group, which design, fit-out and refurbish commercial premises across the UK. The company has secured a contract to completely refurbish a 20,000m2 storage warehouse in Chepstow and will have approximately 100 people working on site over the 13-month period.

Dave Bastier from Bbi said the company chose the Envision Gateway turnstile as it needed an efficient means to control access to and from site that would not cause an issue with social distancing and contamination of touch surfaces.

He said: “The Envision Gateway has been positioned between the car park and the principal entrance to site and provided the perfect solution to that need. Training and backup for our site administrator has also been excellent.” For more information on the Gateway Turnstile go to

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