Construction Accidents Why You Need A Personal Injury Attorney San Antonio, TX


A construction site is a dangerous place; you often hear or watch the news about accidents taking place there. Its surrounding areas are full of heavy machinery, construction materials, and unfinished structures. Also, with numerous workers constructing at the same time, these sites are probably the busiest and most chaotic location to be. Safety precautions can only go so far as keeping passersby and workers safe from injuries. One wrong move and one misstep are all it takes for construction accidents to happen. 

If you’ve been a victim of an accident on a construction site in Texas, either as a worker or a passerby, then it’s recommended that you contact an expert personal injury attorney San Antonio, TX. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. Compensation For Injuries

Legal cases involving construction accidents are complicated for various reasons. Most of the time, construction accidents cause severe injuries.

The most common types of injuries that happen in construction sites are:

  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Loss of limbs
  • Burns
  • Electrocution

These are all serious injuries that result in costly medical bills, lost wages, diminished capacity to work, and issues in earning a living into the future. The consequences of such can be quite devastating and you’ll need professional personal injury counsel with experience on construction accidents on your side. 

They can help in documenting these damages to ensure you receive compensation for all the financial damages. Personal injury lawyers can help fight for the rightful reimbursements for your permanent or temporary disabilities and impairments including the future damages caused by such conditions. 

2. Prove Liabilities For Injuries

Claiming a personal injury compensation can be quite complicated, especially in proving the negligence of another person or manufacturers providing faulty machinery or defective materials that caused your injuries. This is critical for every construction accident claims—victims harmed by another’s actions should always have the right to compensation.

Most of the time, both parties or every party involved will likely attempt to shift the blame, making it difficult for you to prove exactly who’s liable for your injuries. A professional personal injury attorney will obtain and look through the evidence to determine exactly who or what caused your injuries. Then, they shall build a strong argument on your behalf. They have enough resources and skills to obtain the evidence needed in building a strong case.

A personal injury attorney can:

  • Interview witnesses
  • Reconstruct the accident scene
  • Acquire accident reports
  • Gather medical records
  • Consult experts to validate your injuries’ seriousness

3. Knowledge Of The Law 

The legal system is complicated. Navigating it alone can be quite intimidating, which is something you shouldn’t experience, especially after obtaining severe injuries. Missing deadlines or misinterpreting information can result in delays to your case which also means delays in receiving the right compensation. 

A personal injury attorney is familiar with the law and will help you navigate through the complex process. They can handle all the legal stuff so you can focus more on recovering. 

4. Understanding Your Insurance Policies

Insurance policies are also complicated. Reading through lengthy insurance documents and understanding what each clause means can be confusing. A lawyer can help in checking through your policy, nitpicking at every detail, and ensuring your insurance company is keeping the requirements of your policies. Otherwise, they can provide you with legal options in holding your insurance company accountable. They also assist you in getting the right compensation you deserve.

Also, there are several regulations and laws that apply to your personal injury case only expert attorneys can identify and use to your advantage. 

5. Calculating The Right Compensation Value

When you’re injured on a construction site due to another party’s negligence or wrongdoing, you should receive compensation for damages. These may include your pain, suffering, and financial losses. However, calculating the value for your personal injury claim can be challenging if you’re not familiar with what should be included in the cost. Furthermore, insurance companies will try to convince you to accept low settlement offers and pay as little as possible for your claim.  

An expert attorney can help in calculating the true value and cost of your personal injury claim so you never have to accept any settlement offers that don’t cover the maximum extent of your losses. 

Economic damages caused by the construction accident and your injury include financial losses. These are:

  • Lost wages
  • Medical bills
  • Personal care
  • Help with household chores
  • Travel expenses
  • In-home health care

Valuing suffering and pain is also something that should be calculated. But how can you place a price on your mental and emotional suffering? How can you value the impact of sustaining permanent disabilities and the loss of quality life?

A personal injury attorney understands the impact of these damages. They know how to use the facts and how to build a strong case in order to maximize compensation for your suffering and pain.

6. Save Money And Time

Hiring a personal injury attorney can cost you money, but getting their service gives you the possibility to win. By using a personal injury lawyer, you can negotiate a fair settlement for your injuries. They’ll fight and argue for the maximum possible compensation for your damages from your insurance carrier, helping you gain a better award.

In addition, partnering with a personal injury lawyer can help you save time. An expert attorney can help you complete all the required legal procedures correctly for the first time around. By avoiding any mistakes in filing your claim, it’ll be processed faster and you can get your compensation at the earliest date possible.   


Construction sites aren’t just a danger for those working on them. The disruption and dislocation caused by these worksites can also jeopardize the safety of passersby and other people in the area. In the unfortunate case that you become a victim of construction accidents, never think twice about getting an experienced personal injury lawyer to help you. They can give you peace of mind as well as all the covered benefits above. 


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