Big Five Personality Traits: Everything You Should Know About Their Importance


Have you ever heard about the five-factor theory and core personality traits that shape every person but still don’t know what it is?

If so, keep reading as in this article, you will be able to explore the big five personality traits, their main peculiarities, and how online therapy can help you accurately measure them.

Let’s get started!

What Are the Big Five Personality Traits?

The big five model is the most widely recognized personality theory in the psychology world.

Researchers and many people use the acronym OCEAN (openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, neuroticism) that stands for each trait and it’s more convenient and easier to remember.

Now, let’s look closer at the 5 traits and see what they mean for your personality.


This trait corresponds to your openness to new experiences in life. People with a high score of this trait have plenty of interests, are very curious, and have a wide imagination. They are willing to learn new things, are creative, and adore adventures.

On the contrary, people with low scores are more earthy and lack abstract thinking abilities.

High Score:

  • high level of creativity
  • openness to new experiences
  • advanced abstract thinking

Low Score:

  • are against changes
  • prefer traditional lifestyle with no room for new experiences
  • lack imagination and creativity


This trait is all about the ability to control impulses and a considerable level of thoughtfulness. People with high scores tend to be more organized, cautious, and detail-oriented.

Also, very conscientious people love to plan everything ahead and think in advance about how their behavior will affect others. People with low scores have opposite characteristics. They don’t care about being organized and time- or detail-oriented.

High Score:

  • great with time management
  • diligent
  • detail-oriented

Low Score:

  • dislike structure and deadlines
  • prefer mess over order
  • love to procrastinate


Extraversion defines the way people interact with others and where they draw energy from. The level of extraversion shows the level of sociability, friendliness towards people as well as emotional expressiveness.

People with a high score of extraversion tend to be very excited, talkative, love to interact with others, and communication with people gives them the most energy.

Those who have a low level of extraversion, or so-called introverts, don’t like to spend time in a social environment and are more discreet.

High Score:

  • love attention
  • enjoy meeting new people and social interactions
  • start new conversations and make new friends easily

Low Score:

  • love being alone
  • socialization exhausts them
  • don’t like conversations with strangers


This particular trait refers to how people interact with other people in terms of kindness, compassion, altruism, trust, affection, etc.

Whereas agreeable people cooperate with others much better, are great team players, and are very helpful, less agreeable people are a bit competitive, suspicious, and even often manipulative.

This characteristic is a direct demonstration of behavior and attitude towards other people.

High Score:

  • soft-hearted
  • trustful
  • cooperative and ready to help
  • empathetic
  • sympathetic

Low Score:

  • stubborn
  • don’t care much about people
  • unsympathetic
  • self-centered


The level of neuroticism defines the moodiness and sadness of a person and the overall tendency to negative thinking.

People with a high score are emotionally unstable, unpredictable, anxious, and easily irritated. This characteristic shows how a person reacts to challenging life events. 

High Score:

  • often have mood swings
  • pessimistic
  • stressed-out about difficult situations
  • anxious
  • insecurity

Low Score:

 How to Measure Your Big 5 Personality Traits?

Now, with access to the Internet, you can simply browse the big five personality traits test online. Usually, it is the list of 50 questions that you have to answer, and based on it you will get your results.

It will take you up to 10-15 minutes to take this test and after this, you will learn more about yourself.

Keep in mind that each personality is unique and complex and this test can not be 100% accurate when it comes to defining your traits. They can be affected by many factors in different life situations.

How You Can Use the Information About Your OCEAN Score?

First of all, it will be useful in order to simply know yourself better as well as to understand people around you. By knowing your main personality traits you can enhance your strengths and improve your weaknesses.

Speaking of people around, this info can enable you to become a better communicator and learn to resolve interpersonal problems based on your knowledge.

In addition, your OCEAN score is extremely important for employers who are looking for the most stable and reliable person to join their team. Recruiters pay close attention to these personality traits and evaluate candidates based on them to make sure a job seeker is the best fit for a position.

Also knowing your personality traits will help you find the right job that fits you as a person and will bring you maximum enjoyment in life and in the workplace as well.

 How Does Online Therapy Can Help You Discover Your Personality Traits?

First of all, you will be able to explore your own list of personality traits under the supervision of a licensed therapist. You will have a chance to discuss each of these traits in detail and understand better how each one shapes your life and affects your interpersonal relationships.

Once you define your core personality strengths and weaknesses, a therapist can help you work on each characteristic and reveal your best qualities.

And of course, online therapy is a perfect opportunity for you to simply talk about your life with an experienced professional and get the desired guidance and emotional support.

In case you are going through a challenging period in your life and feel lost or confused, a counselor will hear you out and provide support. You will find your way in life and ease your emotional struggles. 

Many people opt for online therapy as it’s a great option to have online sessions in the most convenient way for them. There is no need to waste time commuting to the therapist’s office and spend time in the waiting room. Just use your favorite device to connect to an online platform when you are free no matter where you are.

One of such platforms is Calmerry.

 Summing It Up

As you can see, knowing your big five personality traits is not just interesting in terms of self-exploring, but will also help you while communicating with other people as well as building your professional career. 

Whether you simply want to get to know yourself and people around you better, or dig deeper and cope with emotional problems that hold you back from living a fulfilling life, online therapy will be a great choice to make.

By connecting with a qualified therapist, you will be able to learn more about your personality traits, how it affects your life and relationships with others, as well as simply share your thoughts and feelings to get professional guidance and support.

Don’t hesitate to give it a try as it will certainly be beneficial for your mental health. Make a step to becoming a better version of yourself!

Kate has a B.S. in Psychology and an M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University and has been working in healthcare since 2017. She mainly treated depression, anxiety, eating disorders, trauma, grief, identity, relationship, and adjustment issues. Her clinical experience is focused on individual and group counseling.

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