DIYs You Should Do For A Rainy Day


Sadly, summer days are not always sunny and bright. As with any season, rain can come and go at the worst times and in the summer especially this can scupper your plans for the day. 

But when the rain does fall at home, why not consider making the most of a rainy day by doing a few DIYs? Whether before or during a rainy day, these DIYs will help you spruce up the home and bring it back to life. 

Repaint the house 

Repainting your house now and again is an important piece of maintenance to make your house shine. You can take all of those random half paint tins you have around the house and use them to top up the paint colours in every room. Even if you think your walls are white, once you apply a fresh coat you’ll see how much it has faded! 

Clean your grout 

Grout between the tiles of your bathroom or kitchen can be a pain to keep clean, and over time the brig white grout will turn to a greyish colour that looks mucky and dull. To prevent this happening, why not consider cleaning your grout this week while it’s raining outside? A mixture of baking soda and water can be used as a thick paste and applied with a toothbrush to your grout. Scrub well and rinse off to reveal bright white colour once more. This will make a big difference to your tiles and it will make the whole room look cleaner. 

Fix the roof 

This is not a tip for the rainy day itself – but rather in preparation for it. Getting round to fixing a leaking roof can be an arduous task, but it is important to do this as soon as you spot an issue to keep the structural integrity of your property. The next time you see that rain is around the corner, make sure to fix the roof and ensure that it is sealed and dry ready for the downpour. 

Deep clean the carpets 

One great task for you to do now and again at home is deep cleaning the carpets. This is a job you can do once or twice a year – but a rainy day is the ideal time to do this. Use a vax machine to steam clean your carpets and get rid of any dirt that is deep within the fibres. Make sure to turn the heating on afterwards to help the house dry and keep you cosy. 

Rearrange the space 

On a rainy day you might want to play around with the arrangement of your home and consider different ways to place furniture in your rooms. This is a great idea now and again because it will instantly refresh the home and ensure that it looks clean, tidy, and spacious once more. Plus, it can be fun changing things up once in a while. 

Use some of these ideas to perform DIY on your home for a rainy day. 


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