How to Design the Perfect Online Casino


There are thousands of online casinos out there competing for customers. As land-based casinos are less and less prevalent in Poland, their online counterparts quickly took over and offered their services to local punters. Most players who visit online casinos are computer-savvy and can easily tell a professional, reliable site from an unprofessional and possibly dodgy one. 

So, what are the key points we need to keep in mind when we create an online casino website design? Klara Czerwinska, a Polish iGaming expert gave her insights on this topic. Read more about Klara here

Easy to use interface

When we open a webpage, we want it to load instantly and we want to find information on it easily. We don’t want to get lost on the site or having to click ten times to find the game we want to play or find the information we are after. The most crucial segments of the website should be visible right away and these are the games, the button for registration, and the button for making deposits. 

Most online casinos have a bar at the top of their landing page for the different game categories. Here you should find the buttons for slots, poker, video poker, bingo, sports betting, and live dealer games that Polish players also enjoy. Once under the certain games tab, players should be able to search for games by name. It is also a good idea to list the newest games and the most popular games separately as people often check out these categories first. 

Attractive design

Land-based casino players are usually happy with the glitz and glamour and the opulence a cool casino offers. However, when it comes to online casinos things are a bit more complicated. Online casino websites should suit the taste of the demographics they are trying to reach — be it for men, women, younger players, or mature ones. Different colors convey a different message.

While blue tends to build trust, orange conveys energy and fun. Black and gold are traditional and bring players a land-based casino feel. Create an attractive design and your players will surely keep coming back. If you want to read more about the psychology of why Gamblers return to casinos for more, check out this article.


Online casinos tend to be run from just a handful of countries. However, it raises trust if their website is properly localized. When a casino accepts players from Poland, they should localize their website and that doesn’t mean translating the main text to Polish using Google translate. Texts should appear as if they were originally written in Polish and the casinos should accept deposits in PLN. If the live chat is also available in Polish, it is the icing on the cake. 

Displaying certification

More and more gamblers are aware of the legal framework online casinos should have in place. It should be easy to find the licensing information on the landing page. It is also a good idea to display any certification the casino has. For example, displaying an eCOGRA (third-party auditors for game fairness) logo or any casino award the casino has earned, is a big plus. Here, any participation in responsible gaming measures can be mentioned too – for example, adhering to the requirements of problem gambling organizations such as GamStop. 

Selection of payment methods

A good online casino will always accept debit and credit cards and bank transfers but a great one will have more options on offer. Modern punters often prefer to deposit through e-wallets that are safe, straightforward, and separate from their day-to-day bank account. Payment security is equally important. 

It is fairly obvious, but online casinos should all have SSL certification to ensure the safety of funds. The deposits should be straightforward, and transparent. Many players are not aware of KYC (know your customer) and AML (anti-money laundering) procedures and therefore these should be displayed clearly to them so that when they are asked for more documents, they don’t start suspecting the casino of foul play. 


Creating a great website is a lot of work and it requires expertise. An online casino must create trust in order to entice players to deposit money and spend time on the site. Creating clear design, well-localized texts, a display of certification, and offering transparent information on payments are all part of the work.



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