Increase your property value with garden landscaping

It is common for people to think that in order to increase the value of their property that they need to make internal changes or even expand the property. Whilst these options will add value, it is also possible to increase the value of your property through garden landscaping.

The garden is an integral part of the home and there is no denying that a well-designed and functional garden will add more value than a garden that is overgrown and unusable. So, what can you do to your garden to add value?

Cut Back Overgrown Areas

A garden that has overgrown hedges, shrubs and trees can leave a garden looking and feeling smaller. Opening up your garden and making it more inviting is easier than you might think, and it doesn’t take as much effort as you might think. By trimming and shaping hedges and removing old and dead shrubs, you can enhance space and bring in more light. Furthermore, if you have large trees that need trimming then you might want to consider calling on a team of Chelmsford tree surgeons to complete the work professionally and efficiently.

Keep Your Lawn Maintained

Believe it or not, a well-maintained lawn adds to the appeal of a home. A lawn that is mowed regularly and healthy will bring your garden to life. Whether it is sowing new seed or laying new turf, it is really important that you make your lawn the main focal point of your garden. This means that garden landscaping will leave it looking vivid, fresh and perfectly shaped.

Shape Your Garden

If your garden is a basic rectangle in shape or just basic in design, it can pay to invest in redesigning it. This means that you can install areas such as borders made from sleepers or curved pathways that are lined by shrubs and flowers to give your garden an element of character. It will allow you to get creative with the shape, creating designated areas that can be used for growing or relaxing.

Add An Outdoor Space

You can create designated areas that are made for use during the summer months. This can include installing decked areas or even a new and modern patio. This will add a level of practicality and functionality to your home that people will find hugely appealing. A garden that lacks any sort of seating area will become nothing more than an area that cannot be used and that will not add any value at all.

Invest in New Plants

The right blend of plants and flowers that bloom throughout the year will give your garden a lease of life. When the planting of flowers and shrubs is planned accordingly, it will ensure that plants can work together and create an established look that gives your garden a natural appeal throughout.

Add Lighting

Adding feature lighting to your garden will enable you to enhance those areas that are lacking light once the sun goes down. You can light up certain areas, add a dramatic effect and give your garden a sense of style, all of which will help to add to the value of your home.


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