Top 5 Most In-Demand Crane Brands in 2021


Cranes are some of the most popular machines in the construction, transport, and material handling industries due to their ability to lift, lower, and move large loads with ease. There are a range of different types of cranes on the market, manufactured by different brands, each with their own distinct benefits.

Over the course of 2020 and the online frenzy that COVID-19 brought about, the top Crane brands fluctuated dramatically. This could be attributed to the low stock levels COVID-19 caused, with many would-be machinery buyers turning instead to hiring cranes

This year, there’s a clear definitive list of the brands most searched by people looking for cranes. Here are the top five most in-demand crane brands for 2021 so far, according to machinery marketplace, Machines4U:

  1. Franna 
  2. Liebherr 
  3. Terex
  4. Maeda 
  5. Kobelco

This data is based on Machines4U search traffic volumes and brand search data for cranes from January 1st, 2021 until June 30th, 2021.

Top 5 Brand Breakdown 

1.    Franna

It’s no surprise to see Franna in the top position for most in-demand crane brands; it has dominated the Australian market for more than 40 years. Franna is a market leader in pick and carry cranes, and it’s a subsidiary of Terex Corporation which also made the list. 

Franna is well-known for designing and manufacturing strong and easy-to-operate machines that have the ability to pick up heavy loads and move within tight spaces. 

So far this year, 15.1% of searches for cranes on Machines4U can be attributed to Franna. This is a big jump from the same period in 2020, with only 9.9% of searches for Franna from January 1, 2020 to June 30, 2020. An increase in buyer demand for this brand could be due to availability and stock levels within Australia.

2.    Liebherr

Liebherr is another popular brand for cranes, with 13.4% of all searches attributed to the brand so far this year. In 2020, Liebherr had the top spot for crane brand searches with 13.8% of searches from January 2020 until June 30, 2020 attributed to the brand.

The German brand has a long history dating back to 1949 when the first tower crane was invented. Since its inception, Liebherr has grown to become one of the most renowned brands in the crane sector. It’s most known for its large range of tower cranes, mobile cranes, and crawler cranes. With the range extending from 35 tonnes through to a massive 1,200 tonnes load capacity, Liebherr manufactures some of the biggest machines in the sector.

3.    Terex / Terex Franna

Terex is an American manufacturer of cranes which are used across a range of industries. It also has subsidiary companies, including Franna cranes. Terex has a wide range of tower and rough terrain cranes, as well as pick-and-carry cranes. Terex cranes are built tough and are very reliable and efficient machines.

In terms of search traffic, Terex Franna received 11.1% of searches, and Terex received 5.2% of all searches. For the same search period in 2020, the brand also received high search volume with 7.8% of searches for Terex and 5.1% of searches for Terex Franna. With many searches for the brand and its subsidiary, it’s clear that buyers trust Terex to manufacture quality cranes.

4.    Maeda

Maeda is a Japanese manufacturer of spider and crawler cranes. It pioneered the spider crane, and its range of mini crawler cranes is very popular in Australia.

Maeda’s spider and crawler cranes are ideal for using indoors or in compact areas. They have compact bodies, a small tail swing, and are generally equipped with electric motors to remove greenhouse gas emissions. Due to the specialised machines it manufactures, Maeda does well to carve out its part of the market with mini cranes, spider cranes, and crawler cranes.

Maeda cranes have been in the Australian market for around 27 years, and they received 5.1% of all searches for cranes so far in 2021. For the same period in 2020, Maeda received 5.8% of all search traffic for crane brands. Despite fewer searches for the brand, it has moved up on the list of most in-demand crane brands.

5.    Kobelco

Kobelco is a well-known Japanese brand of construction equipment, including cranes and excavators. The company began in 1930 with the first release of an electric shovel in Japan. In 1964, it released its first series of crawler cranes and truck cranes. 

Since then, the company has continued to offer a wide range of cranes across the globe. Kobelco cranes are well-known for their design and engineering of heavy-duty crawlers, lattice booms, and telescopic booms.

Kobelco received 4.4% of all searches for cranes from January 1, 2021 until June 30, 2021. This is a decrease from the same period in 2020 when Kobelco received 5.9% of all searches for crane brands.

With the impact of COVID-19 on the industry, it seems people with the intent to buy and/or hire cranes for their projects tend to be searching for well-known brands that are more likely to have stock already on Australian shores, without having to wait for the next shipment. It’ll be interesting to see whether this search traffic stabilises or continues to fluctuate as time goes on.


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