Brits are choosing Spain as their country of residence


As more and more companies offer remote work, and thanks to the advantages offered for new residents by certain countries, many Brits are deciding to leave the United Kingdom. Today, Brits are choosing Spain as their country of residence – attracted by the excellent climate, accessible cost of living and various facilities on offer for their relocation.

Spain as a country of residence for Brits

Life in the United Kingdom can be very exciting, but also draining. That’s why many Brits are deciding to move to Spain, whether it’s to work from the country or retire in a warmer and more accessible location. As a result of the country’s many kilometres of sunny coastline, great prices when compared to other European countries, and the various cultural advantages it has to offer – such as its delicious cuisine – Spain is a particularly attractive choice.

In the last few years, there has been a huge increase in British residents in this country, hoping to improve their quality of life in every way possible – simply by moving. What’s more, various facilities are available to help with this relocation.

Spanish residency visa

Brits looking to move to this country can opt for the Golden Visa for Spain. This is a permit for foreign nationals looking to enter the country to make a significant capital investment and is valid for residents of the United Kingdom. In these cases, British nationals can apply for a temporary visa or – if applicable – a residency visa for investors, offering some excellent advantages.

This residency permit can be obtained by meeting certain requirements and allows applicants to obtain a residency visa to live in the country for at least one year, and authorisation to stay for two years – with the option to renew if the investment made is maintained and at least one trip to Spain has been made during the residency period.

Advantages of this excellent change

Brits who choose to move to Spain with this visa can enjoy various benefits. The price of living is generally less than in the United Kingdom, which usually implies an improvement in the quality of properties available.

With affordable prices, Brits can purchase larger homes in safe locations, with all the social benefits they need and an exceptional climate in which to enjoy the outdoors, all year round.

Carrying out the formalities

To carry out the formalities and make this change, we recommend turning to experts, who can also help you apply for a resident’s visa. One great choice is My Spain Visa: a team of lawyers specialised in these matters who have helped dozens of Brits to start their new lives in Spain.

The company is well acquainted with the necessary protocols for a change of residency – ensuring all documents are in order and offering you the greatest benefits possible – taking the burden of paperwork off the shoulders of interested investors and guaranteeing total peace of mind throughout the process.


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