Today we want to show you some of the most beautiful and interesting projects made in expanded metal, around Europe, from a leading company in this sector.

Fils, with a long knowledge about expanded metal mesh manufacturing and a wide range of products, is an internationally recognized company able to give particular and customized solutions to the customers who turn to her and for those who are looking for something innovative. 

Let’s take a look at some of the projects realized in Europe: 


In 2018, the company has contributed to the realization of the architectural project of the Voestalpine headquarters, in Linz (Austria), integrating expanded mesh elements into the facades.

The metal meshes have been positioned in such a way that the natural light input can be controlled into any office increasing comfort and productivity. Using the hexagonal geometry “ESEDRA” mesh, the “intelligent” shading of the stretched grid limits the passage of heat reducing the use of cooling systems in the summer months.

Fils is very attentive to the environment and its protection. For this reason, thanks to their products, the company can control the amount of sunlight entering a building.

The expanded mesh is a unique material, transparent and shady at the same time, thanks to its three-dimensional conformation.


In 2016, the company cooperated with Mercedez-Benz, for the world premiere of their AMG GT ROADSTER model, held in Paris (France), creating expanded mesh elements and large structures that gave character, solidity and momentum to their stand.

Fils believes that expanded metal sheet equipment and stands accompany the communication and promotion of many products and services in a functional and pleasant way. Using the expanded mesh called “AMBASCIATA”, characterized by rhomboidal geometry, managed to elegantly blend the space in a game of lights and murals.


In 2014, Fils created for Wereldhave Belgium the entire façade of Shopping Center 1, located in Genk (Belgium), using the renovated custom-made expanded metal mesh, thus creating an attractive envelope.

Fils deals with products such as expanded metal nets that can be edged, curved and bent to make facades and coatings in various forms. The basic idea is that each building has its own character and for this reason, using the hexagonal mesh “STADIUM” expanded metal in this case, has made this building unique. 

What characterizes this company and makes it competitive in the market is that Fils, with its professionalism and flexibility, is a safe and reliable reference for designers who often need tailor made solutions, studied side by side, case by case, from the idea to the realization.

In addition, their products boast the brand “100% made in Italy“, which is a security for their customers and not only, all products are strictly manufactured according to the current regulations on safety and accident prevention.

This company differs for the vocation “green” because it maintains production processes and uses materials attentive to the environmental impact. For them, respect for the environment means looking to the future.

These are just some of the reasons that make Fils great and synonymous with quality in the field of expanded metal production.


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