How Face Recognition Terminals Impact Business Security


Face recognition terminals offer a touchless security system that collects photos that’ll be saved within their records and remembers your face whenever you’re using it. This has been a huge part of security improvement because facial recognition can be integrated with commercial applications. Now, businesses and corporations have also been using facial recognition terminals to upgrade their security.

Biometrics are saved to monitor the faces of the visitors entering a building. This level of convenience allows small and big businesses to save time and keep track of their customers’ or employees’ activities immediately. 

Nonetheless, these face recognition terminals do have pros and cons when it comes to efficiency and privacy. Aside from convenience, this system has led to specific impacts, such as:

  • Reducing Theft And Protect Businesses

Having these facial recognition terminals helps you monitor those who are going in and out of your office. Many companies offer face recognition terminals, one of which is Egress System.

Knowing how to maximize the features of the terminals helps owners review their records and determine who was inside the building during the incident in the case who had suspicious activities. This will help you save time instead of going in circles to find the suspect. Retail shops in various countries even use facial recognition terminals to track their customers for security purposes.

  • Tracking Numerous Individuals Efficiently

If you’re handling a huge business and it takes time to check your employees’ attendance, facial recognition terminals may be a wise investment. This monitors your employees’ time in and time out when going to work. Additionally, this can also be used within private schools to record students’ attendance. 

It can cut the lines whenever people are going into the area at the same time. Furthermore, it may reduce physical contact, which can also be a sanitary concern with the current pandemic. 

  • Improving Security Measures In High-Risk Establishments

Face recognition terminals can give accurate reports whenever a security concern arises in high-risk establishments, like banks or high-end businesses. Instead of implementing manual recording of individuals who have gone inside, it’s wise to maximize this technology. 

Typically, banks need more security personnel. So, adding a face recognition terminal may double the safety of the money, as well as the owners and employees, by collating the biometrics of visitors. 

  • Boosting Customer Satisfaction

Sometimes, face recognition terminals may collect some of your data, particularly your purchasing history, whenever you’ve bought a product from the store. This may be applied to the ‘target advertising’ of business owners, which may cater to your future needs and interests in their shop next time. 

For example, you’ve bought home decorations. Therefore, if you’re going to buy again from that store, they may suggest you a product that is relevant to your previous purchase. Also, businesses have to remind or tell their customers regarding the technology works, give them consent and not violate their right to privacy. 

  • Detecting Personal Records

Whenever a store has installed a face recognition terminal, this may also help check a person’s criminal records. Suppose the police have alerted various businesses whether a person with an offense has gone into the vicinity. In that case, these terminals are a big help because of their database and collected biometrics. 

Not only do facial recognition terminals help businesses remain safe, but they can also help the police to find and capture that person. These gadgets save everyone’s time as well as maintain peace and order in the community.

  • More Efficient Organizing 

Using a punch machine and checking attendance one by one can be tedious, especially if you’re handling a vast number of employees. Face recognition terminals have been a more efficient alternative since the 1960s. 

Moreover, with the organizational setting of a face recognition terminal, you can repeatedly check everyone’s attendance record by simply accessing the centralized record of the system. They’ll help you work systematically and quickly monitor their performance throughout the time. 

Advanced Face Recognition Terminals Delivers More Efficiency 

From all the impacts stated, like ensuring the safety of banks, avoiding theft, and delivering more organized outputs, face recognition terminals may really deliver efficiency as what has been said of technology’s primary role. These terminals are also relevant because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As much as possible, businesses should reduce physical contact between strangers so that they can also help prevent the spread of the virus. 


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