Mental Health Event Success Sees Quintain Living Tackle Burnout

Mental Health Event Success Sees Quintain Living Tackle Burnout

On World Mental Health Day, Quintain Living resident and international speaker Rob Wall hosted a hugely successful session – ‘Living by Priorities, Not Pressure’. Now, fellow resident and leading business psychologist Dannielle Haig is hosting a further session, designed to support anyone coping with burnout and help people build a resilient mindset.

Quintain Living residents will learn how the lifestyle-led facilities such as gyms and gardens available in their building can help support their mental wellbeing. Scheduled for 27 October, the free-to-attend event will be open to all residents.

Burnout is on the rise. An Indeed survey of 1,500 workers has found that 52% reported experiencing burnout in 2021, compared to 43% prior to the pandemic. Millennials are suffering the most, with burnout at 59% post-pandemic (and 53% before). However, Gen-Z is catching up fast, reporting 58% burnout at the time of the survey compared to 47% pre-pandemic. Gen-Xers however have seen the biggest leap in burnout rates, jumping from 40% before Covid to 54% currently, and even Baby Boomers are feeling the pressure, with their burnout rate increasing from 24% to 31%.

Overall, 67% of workers across all ages believe that burnout has worsened during the pandemic. An understanding of this, along with a long-term commitment to ensure the wellbeing of residents, is what is driving Quintain Living to organise mental health sessions for residents.

Dannielle Haig’s session on 27 October will share tips and tools on dealing with burnout. It will also focus on using the facilities available within Quintain Living’s buildings to help build a resilient mindset. The award-winning management company, which oversees the rental of more than 3,000 apartments in Wembley Park, is known for its innovative rental offering.

At Canada Gardens, for example, the urban country vibe and pace of life is embodied through extensive greenery (both indoors and out), a cosy clubhouse, a library, designer work-from-home sheds, an all-wooden pirate ship playpark, allotments and much more.

Neighbouring building The Robinson, on the other hand, offers eclectic homes – the style is described as ‘contemporary, mid-century, art deco and retro kitsch’ – and residents can enjoy the use of everything from a spa caravan and work-from-home campervans to a rooftop slide, a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Garden and the John Lennon-inspired peace garden.

The burnout session will be shaped around creating practical coping mechanisms that use Quintain Living’s amenity offering to the full, whether that be taking time to tend to vegetables in your allotment or lightening your mood by using the more playful facilities.


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