iMist Receives LABSS Registered Details Certification

iMist Receives LABSS Registered Details Certification

The high-pressure water mist fire suppression system designed and manufactured by Yorkshire-based iMist has been awarded LABSS Registered Details certification, making it the only water mist system for domestic and residential projects to hold this prestigious certification.

The LABSS Registered Details certification covers all of the components in iMist’s STX12 proprietary high pressure water mist system which includes its STN12 nozzle type. This means that individual projects in Scotland that use the iMist system will not require a project specific in-depth review by Building Standards as the LABSS certificate attests that it has already been assessed and approved for suitability.

The certification followed a near year-long comprehensive review of the iMist system with thorough examination of its system design, installation, operation and maintenance manual, including assessing safety in case of fire; safety in use and durability serviceability and identification. Going forward, an annual review process will be carried out before the LABSS certificate is renewed.

“With the tightening of regulations post-Grenfell, every fire suppression system should, rightly, undergo a robust review. As water mist systems are a relatively new alternative to traditional sprinkler systems, the authorities in Scotland wanted to understand exactly how the iMist system works and undertook a detailed assessment covering all aspects of the system,” explains Timothy Andrews, iMist business development director.

“We have been able to evidence the efficacy of our system which is designed to suppress a fire by automatically discharging very small droplets into the air at high pressure. This fine mist remains in the air, displaces oxygen from the seat of the fire, has a cooling effect and provides surface wetting to limit the fire spread.

“LABSS Registered Detail certification means that anyone choosing an iMist system for domestic or most residential projects should be able to fast-track their scheme as the Scottish Government’s Building Standards Divisions (BSD) now has the confidence that the iMist system has passed a thorough assessment.”

Use of the LABSS registration negates the need to consult with the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) under Section 11 of The Building (Procedure) (Scotland) Regulations 2004 (as amended). A verifier may still wish to consult with SFRS under Section 10 of the legislation.


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