Kite introduce windmill tape dispenser: the answer to time-consuming gift wrapping


As the country prepares for peak, Kite Packaging launches a tool set to significantly streamline gift wrapping and other packaging processes. For businesses not dispatching enough to require an automated carton sealer, the new windmill dispenser is an effective, low-cost way to boost efficiency without sacrificing the aesthetic touches that elevate an entire shopping experience.

The tape dispenser works by first loading a roll onto the holder. By turning the outer wheel, the roll rotates and an integrated blade positioned on the underside of the device cuts the tape into convenient 1.4 inch lengths. These pieces are cleanly laid out on the spokes to be picked up by hand when the wheel completes its rotation.

This product drastically reduces the potential for the sticky messes or tangles that can occur when using other dispensers or attempting to cut and apply tape by hand. The increased rapidity makes the windmill dispenser an excellent addition to any workstation whether it is at a pressurised point-of-purchase counter or at an ecommerce dispatch area.

Use to secure Kite’s 100% recyclable and biodegradable tissue paper available on a roll dispenser for an attractive and uniform finish to your gift wrapped goods. Designed to be loaded with Kite’s durable polythene packaging tapes, small postal boxes or mailing bags can also be sealed with the pieces dispensed on the windmill.

Pack your products with greater ease for faster dispatch times and an overall more presentable parcel using this ergonomic, impressively simple item.


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BDC 317 : Jun 2024