MN Metall Product Range Offers Variety for Facade Design

With its high-quality wellTEC®, colTEC® and planTEC® design sheets, MN Metall has always stood for individual facade design. Now the company has further expanded its portfolio with the wellTEC® vario product line. Under this name, MN Metall offers facade profiles that combine 2, 3 or even more different corrugated, trapezoidal, square or zigzag profiles.

The fact that very different shapes can thus be combined with each other means that deliberate contrasts can be set within the facade sheet. There are hardly any limits to the design ideas of architects and facade planners, and the question to MN should not be “What products do you have to offer?” but rather “What vision can you make come true for us?”.

Wave, zigzag, square, trapezoid…in this order or completely different? With an individual hole pattern or an offset round perforation? With a regular or irregular grid? Made of aluminum, stainless steel or copper? No matter how the more than 60 different profile types from MN Metall are combined with each other, whether perforations or grids are applied or which material is chosen – a facade clad with wellTEC® vario will be unique in this form, because it is manufactured individually for the customer. The company manufactures the wellTEC® vario facade sheets in a process-safe manner from pre-material up to 2,000 mm wide in various thicknesses and construction widths.

How the profiles look in practice is already shown by some projects that MN Metall has executed. These include the IPF-Treff Bopfingen and the Fächerbad Karlsruhe. The facade of the IPF-Treff shopping center, which covers a total of 1,635 m², was clad with wellTEC® vario SQ-40/20-20/20, made of gold-colored coated 55HX® aluminum in 1 mm. Part of the facade has offset round perforations.

The special highlight: the facade cladding contains a Morse code – so for the insiders, the name of the shopping center can be read in it. The wellTEC® vario facade profile used for the Fächerbad Karlsruhe is a combination of the W-45/60 and W-45/150 profiles. Coated in the color Onyx White Blue, it gives the building an exclusive outer skin that appears in two shades depending on the angle of view and is reminiscent of reflective, moving waves.


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