6 trends to follow in the commercial construction industry


Do you have a commercial construction business and want to know what you should be keeping up with and what the new trends are? Do you feel like your business is a bit old-fashioned and want to know what you could be doing to keep up with the trends?

The commercial construction industry is a very exciting place to be right now. There are many different trends that have come into play and will continue to grow over the next few years. For example, green buildings are becoming increasingly popular as more people want their office spaces to reflect their values and attitudes towards the environment.

Another trend is improving worker productivity by creating open floor plans with flexible workspaces so employees can collaborate better together. These trends may not all apply specifically to you but it’s important for any company in this field to remain up to date on what’s happening to stay competitive and relevant within the industry. Here are 6 trends to follow in the commercial construction industry.

The use of sustainable materials

First on our list, when it comes to following the trends in the commercial construction industry, we have the use of sustainable materials. When it comes to the construction of buildings something that many people are placing a big emphasis on is the use of sustainable materials.

These are materials that can’t be depleted easily, but also can be recreated easily. Rather than using rock and stone, which although can be found in abundance, people are choosing living materials such as wood, or even things that can easily be man-made.

On top of that, other living materials such as specific algae can be used as a way to self-mend different kinds of concrete. When talking about concrete, it is also a sustainable material that you can use, and if you’re looking for professionals that produce highly durable floors you can check out what TCF West in Winnipeg offers. They are leading in the industry, and with them you can rely on a cost-effective service.

A focus on energy efficiency

These days, with the world suffering from global warming and everything that comes along with it, a lot of companies are making a concerted effort to go green and make use of an energy-efficient lifestyle. This goes for their products, and production, as well as the building itself.

Many of these new companies make use of renewable energy, but they also contribute to the collection of renewable energy. Lots of businesses have their own solar panels which are used to either power the whole building or just certain parts like having heated water or lights on.  This is done to lower their carbon footprint and try their best to reduce the rate at which global warming is progressing.

Other businesses are demolishing inefficient properties and are building new ones from scratch only to improve the environment from the inside out. Bella Contracting Services is where you can find demolition contractors in Connecticut if you’re thinking about making such drastic changes to your business.

Improved indoor air quality

The quality of air in a building is not something that people will typically pay too much attention to, especially those who work there. However, it is important to note, that especially if you are working in a big city where there is a lot of pollution, the air quality can eventually take its toll on you.

As a business, you should be implementing different ways to improve the quality of the air in your building. This can be by having filters placed in your pipes that are circulating the air, and changing them regularly, or even by having humidifiers if you are in dryer conditions to make it more bearable.

A decrease in the usage of toxic chemicals

Toxic chemicals are commonly used among different businesses, depending on what they produce, but while they pay attention to not letting the consumers come in contact with these toxic chemicals, less caution is taken with the workers.

By eliminating toxic chemicals, not only will you create a better working environment for your staff, but you will also help reduce the damage that your business is doing to the environment.

Increased emphasis on indoor environmental factors, such as lighting and acoustics

A big trend in the commercial industry is the layout and design change of these places. Many people may be used to dull yellow lighting, gross carpeted flooring, and an unwelcoming environment, however, there is now a big emphasis on the working environment and how the look of it can be beneficial to the worth ethic and productivity.

For instance, you can include an open floor plan where people can be with each other and have a better time working together. Something else you can do is improve the quality of the lighting. Many businesses are stuck using old yellow lighting, but by making use of LED lighting it not only looks more modern, but it creates a lighter environment.


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