Frankfurt Business Tower Gets the Green Light

It’s launch time for the landmark in the Frankfurt financial district designed by KSP Enge for the “central business tower” on Neue Mainzer Strasse. This paves the way for construction of a new high-rise according to plans by the Frankfurt-based architects.

According to the plans by KSP Engel, the 205-meter-high new build create an appropriate counterpart to the Deutsche Bank towers opposite. At the same time, the high-rise denotes the northern end of the cluster of skyscrapers along the former city ramparts and creates the necessary counterweight to the future towers of FOUR, as well as for the Commerzbank Tower and the Main Tower, Helaba’s headquarters, both of them in the immediate vicinity.

Following the approval of the preliminary building application, the signing of contracts is the next and initial milestone in the “central business tower” project in Frankfurt. It marks the next project phase for the high-rise, whose name alludes to its prime location in the Central Business District of Frankfurt, the financial metropolis.

In the new-build on Neuer Mainzer Strasse, the architects are combining public and cultural uses with an office high-rise. With this unusual and at the same time very balanced concept, the tower will in future fulfil a key role as the interface between the green space of Frankfurt’s old ramparts and the high-rise group along Neue Mainzer Strasse.

In terms of sustainability, KSP Engel again applies an innovative concept that has been the subject of lengthy prior research: With photovoltaic modules integrated into the façade, an unprecedented “solar power plant” the size of a high-rise is created, which supports power supplies to the building. The box-window façade also boasts an external solar shading system that is protected from wind and weather by the rear-ventilated impact pane and is therefore highly effective.

The basis of KSP Engel’s high-rise design goes back to the winning competition entry from 2001 and has since been newly devised and advanced. Building permission will presumably be issued in 2022 and demolition of the existing buildings on the construction site on Neue Mainzer Strasse are scheduled to start in November 2021. The first tenants are set to move in in 2027 and completion of the overall project is scheduled for 2028.


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