Cutwork Designs Japanese-Style Prefab Apartments

Cutwork Designs Japanese-Style Prefab Apartments

Paris-based architecture design studio, Cutwork has devised the full interior concept for a groundbreaking new coliving company launched in 2021 by leading French developer, Bouygues Immobilier. Committed to rethinking the next urban era, Cutwork designs pioneering spaces that reflect new ways to live and work.

With the first modular unit, ‘PolyRoom’, showcased in Paris until March 2022, and the initial completed site due to open in 2023, Bouygues Immobilier Coliving is dedicated to simplifying the way in which we rent, use, and share living spaces. Cutwork was commissioned by Bouygues Immobilier to reinvent today’s residential model, presenting a versatile living space that operates beyond the standard conventions of the contemporary home.

This new company is designed to make it easier for working people, between 25 and 40 years old, to access high-quality, affordable living and a socially connected life, addressing the widespread epidemic of loneliness within this generation. The brand offers all-inclusive services and accommodates both short and long stays.

The project incorporates prefab architecture conceived and designed by Cutwork, then fabricated by DMD Modular. These prefab bedroom modules can be produced in bulk and stacked like LEGO bricks to construct the complete residential building in significantly less time than conventional construction methods.

Cutwork Designs Japanese-Style Prefab Apartments

The units help define the distinct brand experience with high-end materials and could accelerate construction and expansion across France, vastly improving the quality control of the finished building. Bouygues Immobilier plans to open up to 15 sites by 2025, providing 2,500 bedrooms. A first site for the full modular construction is in early discussions and planning.

Cutwork is a Paris-based architecture design studio focused on new ways to live and work. They design prefab architecture, interior spaces, and custom furniture for pioneering companies who are reimagining our next urban era. Projects include Xavier Niel’s Station F, the world’s largest start-up campus, Flatmates, the first large-scale coliving space in Paris, and Cortex Shelter, an innovative just-add-water refugee housing solution.

The company was among the top 30 “CleanTech” companies in Europe in 2018. In 2019, TEDx asked the studio cofounders to deliver a talk on ‘the future of shared architecture and urbanization.’ In 2020, Cutwork received a FRAME Award for Societal Innovation of the Year, becoming the youngest studio to ever win a FRAME


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