4 Benefits of Getting a Home Warranty Plan


Buying or building a home is a significant undertaking. You will have to save and invest a lot of time and money to obtain your dream home. Once you get over the hurdle of acquiring a home, the other challenge is maintaining that home. There will always be damages that you will need to repair now and then. Considering the many appliances and systems that modern homes come with, it would be good to have a home warranty so that you can have some peace of mind. Home repairs can be very costly. Since some damages arise unexpectedly, it is always good to stay prepared to avoid sudden shocks that can set you back thousands of dollars in repairs. You can get coverage for major home systems and then deal with minor repairs that do not cost a lot. Here are a few benefits of getting such a warranty.

1.    Save on Costs of Unexpected Repairs

A home warranty covers repairs that occur to your appliances due to wear and tear. When using some appliances such as air conditioning, heating, electrical appliances, kitchen appliances and others, we never think about them getting damaged. Over time, these appliances will need servicing due to wear and tear. You might also need to replace some entirely. The appliances and systems never give any warnings that they need to get serviced or replaced. Most of them stop working. If a major appliance like a refrigerator or a cooling system suddenly stops working, you will be forced to dig deep in your pocket to repair it or get a replacement. A home warranty plan saves you such hustles by helping you cover a significant part of the bill, if not the entire cost. If you compare the premiums you pay annually vis-a-vis the amount you would save in case of a significant repair, you will see that it is worth investing in such a warranty.  

2.    Get Connected to a Network of Professionals

Whether you take a home warranty or not, you will need to get the services of home appliances professionals when you need to repair your systems. Many companies and individuals offer these services, but very few have the needed skills and experience to do a good job. Hunting for a trusted local operator can cost you time and money before you finally find one that will deal with your issues effectively. You may end up spending a lot more trying out several service providers. When you get a home warranty, you forget about such hustles since your warranty provider already has a connection with trusted and tried professionals. You need not make any inquiries or spend time looking for a reliable service provider. All you need to do is inform your warranty provider of the needed repairs, and they will have everything sorted out. You do not need to look for professionals from multiple websites since the warranty provider will simply send you one.

3.    Makes it Easy to Sell Your Home

If you need to move to another place and sell your existing home, a home warranty may come in handy. Having a home warranty reassures new buyers that you have taken care of your appliances. Most warranties have a clause that warns of misuse of appliances to avoid malicious damages. When buyers see that your home has a warranty, they know that your systems must be in order since you, as the homeowner, have to comply with that clause if you make a claim later. The warranty can also suit a home buyer who has just depleted their funds and wishes to avoid any extra unforeseen expenses soon.

4.    Saves you Time

Considering that time is money, a home warranty can save you valuable time. Home appliances seem to break down at the most unexpected times. In most cases, the breakdown is when you least expect them and the least prepared. You may not have money at the time to call for an emergency service provider or even have the time to look for one that is reliable. A home warranty will come in handy in such dire circumstances. Home warranty providers always have reliable service providers on their dials since this is their daily activity. They always know the best service providers and will find you one as soon as you contact them with an emergency. They save you the time you would have spent looking for a good service provider and save you the agony of having a failed appliance when you do not have money.


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