LCR, Peter Hawthorne – Levelling Up White Paper Reaction


LCR delivered the regeneration of Kings Cross and is currently working to deliver regeneration in Sheffield, one of the 20 beneficiaries of the Levelling Up Fund. Peter says that it’s crucial the Fund is used to realise the untapped potential of brownfield land around railway stations.

Peter Hawthorne, CEO, LCR said:

“The recognition of the vast untapped potential of the under-used land surrounding our railway stations is exciting, because this is so crucial to unlocking the regeneration of place that is a cornerstone of this Levelling Up strategy.

“We’ve seen this potential realised at Kings Cross, as Michael Gove has mentioned before. And will soon see it in cities like Sheffield, where the Levelling Up Fund’s investment into maximising the potential of reduced rail travel times to London will help to bring forward the Sheffield Midland and Sheaf Valley Regeneration Framework, which we have worked on alongside our partners in the city and the wider region.  

“While funding is one part of the puzzle and no doubt the focus of much of the feedback on today’s announcement, the other critical element is collaboration between devolved authorities, councils, transport executives, government agencies and landowners. This strategy provides the framework and impetus for this to take place.”


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