6 Reasons To Consider A Career In The Oil And Gas Sector


The oil and gas industry generates trillions of dollars each year, making it one of the biggest revenue-generating sectors. Therefore, it’s evident that this industry has numerous lucrative employment opportunities. This shouldn’t be a surprise considering oil and gas play a central role in the daily running of several other industries, from manufacturing to construction.  

But, what reasons make a career path in the oil and gas sector viable?  Here are some enticing benefits to help you see why a career path in the energy industry is a wise decision:

  1. Great Earning Potential  

Financial stability is one of the main reasons why people search for jobs in the respective industries of their choice. And, if you choose to pursue a career in the oil and gas industry, you’re guaranteed handsome compensation for your skills and troubles. On average, the salary in this sector is USD$76,883 per annum, making it one of the best paying industries. And, with a 23% rise in oil work in Alberta and other parts of the world, you shouldn’t miss out on the potential to earn such a lucrative income.  

This high earning potential applies to your starting salary and even as your career advances. Therefore, you can make a six-figure salary in the long run after obtaining relevant experience and expertise. In addition, there’s the potential to earn lucrative bonuses.  

  1. Broad Range Of Opportunities  

The oil and gas industry provides you with an unparalleled range of opportunities, be it technical or non-technical roles. Therefore, you’re sure of finding a career path that suits your skills and expertise, and a niche that fascinates you. You also get the option to work in a broad range of environments besides heavy machinery or around oil rigs offshore, which is what most people assume. Instead, you also get the option to work in the office or lab. This range of different work surroundings is something jobs in other sectors don’t offer. 

  1. Travel Opportunities  

Another advantage of working in the oil and gas sector is that you get to enjoy immense travel opportunities. This is a privilege you’d only dream of in careers across numerous sectors. So, if you enjoy traveling, a career path in this industry will undoubtedly be perfect for you. This is because the oil and gas sector is global and in every country across the globe. Therefore, you can be required to travel for short-term assignments, business meetings, training, or work projects in any country in the world.  

During these many travel opportunities across different areas of the world, you’ll have the chance to interact with lots of people, with different mindsets and perspectives. You’ll also better understand the industry by learning of the unique challenges and conditions in these different countries.  

  1. Environmental Sustainability  

Many companies have put in great effort to make the environment more habitable, including those in the oil and gas sector. And, if you’re passionate about curbing environmental degradation, a career in this industry is the right way to go. 

Companies in this sector have done this by developing innovative ways of making their operations more environmentally sustainable. These include the use of advanced software and modern equipment to help safeguard the coming years for the wellbeing of future generations. 

  1. Room For Professional Growth  

No one person enjoys career stagnation because this results in a loss of morale and, consequently, reduced productivity. If you also share such a concern, a career in the oil and gas sector is the best route to take. You’re guaranteed to go up the ladder and career mobility in this industry regardless of your initial job role.  

The career progression in this industry is thanks to the numerous trainings that allow you to learn skills, such as time management, effective communication, business basics, and conflict resolution. Learning such skills will help propel your career to greater heights rather than remaining in the same position for several years.  

  1. Technological Innovation  

Companies in the oil and gas sector have allocated considerable sums of money to develop innovative technologies that can help improve efficiency and cut operation costs. If you enjoy access and working with advanced technological equipment, this industry is a perfect fit. Besides being up-to-date with the latest technological innovation, you’ll also gain invaluable knowledge on how to use such technology, which can help you later on as you progress with your career.  


It’s easy to be on the fence on whether a career path in the oil and gas industry is advisable due to the changing market dynamics toward electrification. However, you shouldn’t have any such concerns as this sector is here to stay. But, if you need further convincing, this guide has detailed reasons to consider a career in the oil and gas industry.  


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