CLIVET extends its technical service by providing a complete library of BIM objects!

Only with integrated building design can truly sustainable buildings be built.

Clivet, in order to meet the needs of design professionals in terms of BIM (Building Information Modeling) content and information, has made available the BIM objects of its air conditioning systems on the BIM&CO platform and implemented its website with the online 3D cataloging service, offering access to further technical information in a dedicated area.

BIM & CO is a cooperative platform that allows everyone to create, publish, contribute and use BIM objects from all over the world, free of charge, for digital modelling (multilingual management, LOD classification, standard properties coordination system, IFC compatibility, etc.).

The BIM library of Clivet products, which includes VRF systems, air conditioning systems and heat pumps for the residential sector, heat pumps and hydronic chillers for the tertiary sector and industry, air renewal and purification systems and is constantly implemented, allows the designer to quickly find the digital product he needs, in the most congenial format and with all the information required at that precise stage of design.

Andrea De Piccoli, who coordinated Clivet’s BIM project, comments: Innovation and digitalization are elements in which Clivet has always invested, so we immediately took advantage of the opportunity offered by the Bim&CO platform.

 The company’s objective is to become the European centre of excellence in air conditioning systems, and being present on portals and within the tools used by designers will allow us to reach a greater number of professionals worldwide, responding to their needs to simplify design and guaranteeing a complete 360° service.”

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