How To Create An eCommerce Website?


Online business is one of the most lucrative ways through which one can set up their new business since the investment is minimal and one does not require much effort in order to effectively set up their respective online businesses. In order to set up an online business, the most important element to take care of is to create an eCommerce Website.

Using an eCommerce website one can not only start a new business but also expand their already existing offline business to newer and wider avenues.

However, one needs to understand the fact that having an eCommerce Website is not a simple task since it requires intricate planning, and a lot of aspects are involved while setting up the eCommerce store. You can set up the website by allotting a task to website developers or other web developing experts.

If you wanna have a personlised experience and develop the website on your own, you can definitely follow our guide to create an efficient eCommerce Website.

You need to decide on how you would maximise the traffic and footfall on your site, how to integrate the payment system on your website and so much more. You also need to decide on the platform which is required to create your site. Due to the sheer number of platforms available on the internet, it can be quite overwhelming for a user to use one particular platform.

There are a lot of good platforms out there such as Shopify, Wix, and Squarespace which can be easily used by the user to develop their respective websites. Now that we have cleared the air about the eCommerce websites, let us now take a look at the steps on setting up an eCommerce website.

Buying a Domain Name

Domain Name is just like the name of an individual. There is no identity of a website without the domain name. A domain name is basically the online address of your eCommerce Website. Website domain name examples include, and so much more. If you already have a website then you already have a domain name set.

However, if you are an entrepreneur who wishes to expand their business or set up a new business on the online frontier then he/she would be required to buy a domain name.

The domain name of the respective website would need to be synonyms with your business concept. If you are in the construction business then you need a domain name that reflects your business.  Irrelevant domain names must be ignored since they would reduce the traffic on your site.

Choosing a Website builder

A website builder is imperative to having a good eCommerce website setup since they are the building blocks of the website. Shopify, Wix, Squarespace are some of the primary examples of good website builders.

These traditional website builders such as Shopify, Wix, and Squarespace have a lot of elements of website building directly integrated within them and hence they would make the entire website building process much more refined and easier.

However, a lot of the entrepreneurs who want an eCommerce Website do not use these traditional website builders since they require custom-made templates which would suit their business better.

Deciding on an eCommerce Platform Integration

If you have decided to not build your website using a traditional website builder then this is a particularly important step for you. This step primarily revolves around the type of eCommerce platform you would want to integrate with your site.

You can either have a custom made solution built for you using the assistance of a web developing agency or even integrate already existing options such as Shopify for your business.

Most of the time the best option for your eCommerce website is to integrate the website with a pre-existing platform such as Shopify to make things simplified and to get the best out of your site.

Selecting a Payment Gateway Provider for Online Payments

Irrespective of whether you choose to have your eCommerce website setup using a website builder or build it in a custom way, an entrepreneur will for sure need to use a gateway for online payments providers.

These online gateways would assist your website in accepting online payments. One important thing to keep in mind is that these online payment gateways would most probably charge a certain amount of transaction fees for each online payment made for your site.

Website Hosting Provider

Each and every website requires the services of a hosting provider. As a particular eCommerce site is being built, one needs to think about their respective hosting needs.

One needs to understand that the hosting needs would entirely depend upon the traffic requirements of the said eCommerce site. You can also go with free web hosting but free web hosting can’t handle much traffic and has its own drawbacks.

If you are expecting your site to have higher traffic then it would require higher costs and a stable hosting provider in order to ensure that your site remains stable.

Finishing Up Your eCommerce Site

Once you have set up all the proper prerequisites on setting up an eCommerce website for your business then you need to just add some of the finishing touches to ensure that the final product is top-notch.

You need to finish up with the UX designing aspect of your website before you eventually decide on launching it. It is recommended that you check the draft of the website multiple times before you deploy it as it may have a lot of errors and may even have bugs. You may even take feedback from other people in order to get a better opinion on your eCommerce website.

Deploying and Launching the eCommerce Site

Once you are done with all the research, bug checking, testing, and other prerequisites required for a successful website, you can successfully launch it. This is the step wherein you are required to take the final step and deploy your website for eCommerce purposes.

If you have hired a web designing company they would be testing your website for post quality checks and other prerequisites which would boost the traffic and efficiency of your website. You can even create a post-deployment checklist for your website to ensure that the eCommerce site is efficient.   


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