How To Prep Your Belongings For Professional Movers


Moving your belongings to a new residence may be challenging. There are several things you should plan for and think about before hiring a UK man and van to make the transition go smoothly.

How to Prepare for Professional Movers

Make a Checklist for Taking Inventory of Your Stuff

Make a complete list of all your household goods before the professional local movers arrive. This inventory list will give you a feel for everything you own. You may go through the items being packed and loaded in the truck without missing a beat once the movers arrive. You can even determine which goods are misplaced or damaged throughout the shipment process when you have an inventory.

Label the Boxes

Labelling your boxes is one of the most frequently recommended packing and moving strategies. This is critical, especially when you have delicate items that need to be protected. Labelling boxes before loading them up in the vehicle will guarantee that your movers and packers handle them carefully. Furthermore, labelled boxes can assist you in unpacking since they make it easier to locate what you are looking for.

What Professional Movers and Packers Will Not Move

Moving your things from one home to the next won’t be as simple as it appears. There are particular things that a removal company is not permitted to carry. Though there is plenty of personal property that you can transfer, it’s crucial to understand exactly what you’ll be taken when preparing for your move. You should observe the following rules: If you don’t want to waste time, you must know everything your movers and packers will refuse to handle. The following are some of the items that they won’t carry:

– Cleaning Supplies

– Propane Tanks

– Motor Oils

– Perishable Food

– Pets

– Plants

– Valued items

Make sure you have loaded your truck with one-time use items before moving day or get rid of them, and pack and transport them separately to avoid delays.

Buy Packing Supplies

Once you hire a full-service moving company, your belongings will be packed and loaded by them. However, if you want to pack your own stuff, you must first acquire the packing materials and get everything ready ahead of time.

Packing materials such as moving boxes, bubble wrap sheets, and packing papers are available from several moving companies. You can get these items at your local retail stores if you want to calculate your moving expenses.

Get Rid Of Everything You Don’t Need

Moving to a new home does not necessitate the transportation of all of one’s possessions. The heavier your load, the more expensive your shipment will be. Getting an extra moving truck might push you over budget. As a result, we propose that you go through your belongings and get rid of anything that you won’t need. You might be able to transport the same amount of stuff with fewer boxes if you use packing supplies like these.

Plan For Your Children And Pets

Children and pets may be difficult to manage during a relocation. They’re all over the place, making it tough for the movers to do their tasks. As a result, you should ensure that your children and pets are out of the way on moving day. Their presence may cause accidents and harm. So, while you direct your professional packers and movers, ask a member of your family to look after them.


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