Loose Moissanite Stone – the Ultimate Save Option


Creating a unique piece of jewelry is now easy using moissanite loose stone. Most importantly, moissanite comes from ethically acceptable sources. Therefore, loose moissanite gems are a great option over diamonds on such grounds. Typical cushion-cut moissanite loose stones have exceptional cuts. Their sparkle and brilliance are comparable to that of diamonds.

The D-E-F (colorless) colors loose stone moissanite also resembles a blemish-free diamond. In addition, it has a dazzling sparkle due to its almost-perfect cut. Again, you can find custom moissanite-cut stones in different sizes and shapes. If you choose moissanite over diamonds, you get much more value for money. Most importantly, it is an environmentally friendly choice and ethical.

The Cost-Benefit of Loose Stones over Set Stones

Loose stones are precious or semi-precious gems that are not set in jewelry pieces. Consumers use them as an investment. However, some people obtain this version of gemstones in bulk, which affords them some good discount. Later on, they can set the loose stones into jewelry pieces and sell them at a profit.

Buying colorless loose moissanite for your engagement ring will save you good money. However, several factors determine the final cost of your ring. One of the considerations to make is buying a loose stone. That way, you can easily come up with a bespoke ring. In addition, it will cost you less unlike if you were buying a premade ring. 

Why buy loose Moissanite stones?

The main objective of investing in loose moissanite stone is to help you save on your jewelry purchase. Therefore, there is a big cost difference between a loose stone and a set one. This is the best route to go if you are working with a small budget. Most importantly, you will have the say in how you want to set your jewelry piece.

To get the best out of loose moissanite, experts can help you cut it to your preferred dimension. That way, you can set your loose moissanite in a specific frame of your choice. Do not shy away from picking a loose stone for your jewelry. With the help of a jewelry expert, you will get the perfect jewelry for your use.

Jewelry Pieces to attach your loose Moissanite Stone

You can use your loose moissanite stone for a bracelet, engagement ring, bridal set or wedding ring. In addition, this option gives you control over your jewelry because it is customer-centric. They also come in various colors, which gives you the freedom to pick what you want.

Loose moissanite stones also come in different shapes. These include heart shapes, emerald, oval and round brilliant among others. All you need is to pick the right setting to brag about your new jewelry. This option is perfect for unique presents for those who have all they need.

You can also give a loose moissanite stone to someone you love. That way, they can take it to the jewelry store and get a jewelry set of their choice. This is a great gift idea that will bring a great experience to the end-user.

Benefits of Moissanite stones

Moissanite is lab-grown. Therefore, it presents you with many options to pick the loose stones you want. Here is what you should expect buying loose Moissanite:

  • Loose moissanite presents a unique idea for a gift. You will not find many people with the same thought. Therefore, it is a special thing to do for your loved one.
  • The possibility of personalizing your jewelry piece is a great advantage to consider.
  • Moissanite is a hard and durable stone that will last forever
  • You can easily clean and maintain your moissanite stone, unlike other gemstones. All you need is a soft cloth, warm water and soap.
  • A loose moissanite stone will fit anything.
  • You can pass it on to future generations.

Final Thoughts

If you browse through the available moissanite rings and have not found one that you like, you can choose loose moissanite stones. That way, you can come up with a custom option uniquely designed for your use. With the help of an expert, you can get your ring done perfectly and at a low cost. Instead of buying a pre-set moissanite jewelry piece, choose a loose moissanite stone for a different experience.


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