Tips for Styling Glam Dining Tables


Glam dining tables set the mood for an elegant dining experience in any home. It’s important to surround the table with complementary accents to achieve a luxurious look and feel. There are several ways to bring class and sophistication into your dining room, whether you’re adding a new rug or installing an intriguing chandelier. Here are some tips to help you create a glamorous dining experience.


One of the most important style elements to accompany your dining room table is the surrounding furniture. Once you’ve chosen the right table, decide which chairs fit best with your overall design scheme. Choose high back chairs with rich colored upholstery in velvet or leather for a classic look. If you’re into more modern designs, go with an elegant industrial look by choosing acrylic chairs with sparkly metal legs. To accent your table, consider purchasing a matching buffet piece or add a bar cart to showcase your cocktail accessories and glassware.

Main Lighting

Hanging a sophisticated light fixture above the center of your dining table makes the room stand out. Chandeliers come in an assortment of styles and are made from several different materials. A crystal chandelier has been a staple in wealthy homes for centuries and creates a timeless aesthetic. Modern light fixtures made of metal can often look like a work of art and become great conversation pieces. Select a minimalist style light fixture if you’d like to keep the focus on other features of the dining room.

Table Accents

Adorning your dining room table with glam accents might be the easiest way to add a touch of class and sophistication. Splurge on luxury flatware and dinnerware to impress your guests at dinner parties. Choose gold- or silver-plated items and set them against placemats or a table runner made from luxurious fabrics. A large centerpiece of fresh flowers effortlessly ties the whole look together and provides a welcoming atmosphere for everyone sharing a meal at the table.

Room Décor

The dining room is the perfect place to show off an art collection. Hang interesting pieces around the room to create visual interest and spark up conversations. Depending on the overall style of the room, choose either classic or modern pieces to complement the aesthetic. Add wall sconces or candles to enhance the main lighting and add more warmth to the space. When entertaining guests, don’t forget to set the mood with some classy music. Consider adding a record player to the dining room and play some vintage jazz records to enhance the atmosphere.


Adding a plush rug underneath your dining room table is an easy way to glam things up. Classic oriental rugs are a timeless home luxury staple and come in a variety of colors and patterns. Choose a rug with an interesting texture or thick fur to offset an industrial style room. When selecting a dining room rug, consider one that’s easy to maintain and clean in case there are any spills or stains.


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