Boughton joins forces on ambitious redesign of historic royal dockyards, Convoys Wharf

Convoys Wharf - render

Landscaping products specialist, Boughton has partnered with leading landscape design firms, Gillespies and Andy Sturgeon Design, on a 40-hectare masterplan to regenerate the historic dockyard site in Deptford, London. The impressive landscaping project forms part of a major multi-million-pound redevelopment of this historic site, converting it from a derelict brownfield site, into a vibrant waterfront location boasting a mix of commercial and residential properties, supported by new public spaces and transport connections.

Formerly called the King’s Yard and first developed in 1513 by King Henry VIII to build vessels for the royal Navy, Convoy Wharf was at the heart of Deptford and holds great historic significance within the city of London. Following decades of use for warehousing and industrial purposes, the area is a now a neglected 16.6ha brownfield site but is set to be completely transformed under exciting plans by international architect, Farrells.

For the first time in 500 years, the public will once again have access to the stunning 450m of waterfront, enhanced by beautiful outdoor areas, cultural facilities and a new riverboat service – a milestone development that Boughton is delighted to be part of.

It is in the first phase where Boughton has been specified by Andy Sturgeon Design. This residential block – named Plot 15 – will incorporate a surrounding streetscape, residential gardens and a green roof, with Andy Sturgeon Design enlisting the help of Boughton’s quality topsoil and green roof substrates to help execute the vision.

Plot 15 is located where two distinct character areas converge. The Eastern Gateway and Evelyn Quarter bring both river and parkland influences to the site, which are carefully woven together to create a cohesive and playful environment for families.  In a move to incorporate the heritage of the sit, Plot 15 will be defined by four key themes: Reuse, Display, Inspire and Remember, and will take its design inspiration from John Evelyn’s approach to experimental planting, focusing on year-round interest, adaptation to a changing climate, and improvements to air quality and well-being.

The existing London Plane trees along the site boundary will be retained and protected, whilst a new strategic tree planting will enhance and filter views across the site and strengthen its visual connection to the wider landscape.

Elsewhere, The Residents’ Garden has been designed as a verdant landscape relating to the rich garden heritage of this part of the site. A strong contrast in materiality and planting character has been introduced where the historic Dockyard wall once passed through the site.

The design features a pedestrian-friendly environment in the public areas, supported by a coordinated materials palette and tree planting strategy.

Meanwhile, Boughton is also working with global firm, Gillespie’s, which has been involved in the designs for plots 7, 14 and 21. These plots will provide a range of open plazas for cultural events, green pocket gardens, residential streets with integrated SUDs, and a sequence of safe and effective linkages that will sensitively connect the new development to the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Boughton’s NBS specified product portfolio includes:

  • BL 1 – Natural, single-source topsoil – suitable for general landscaping and planting of hardy nursery stock and amenity grassland.
  • BLS 2 – Natural, single-sourced screened topsoil – a natural ‘as dug’ topsoil, that is suitable for general planting, landscaping, vegetable or fruit production and any landscape project.
  • Boughton Lightweight Subsoil – low in organic matter, profiling a mixture of sand, silt and clay, with over 50% of its particles ranging in size from 0.25 to 0.5 mm.
  • Boughton Biodiverse Green Roof Substrate – a green roof substrate for projects which require a substrate that can support a wide range of plants at a relatively shallow depth.
  • IN1 Intensive Green Roof Substrate – intensive green roof substrate with a greater proportion of organic matter and finer sand particles.
  • BLS 40 – Natural, single-sourced screened topsoil – with 40% PAS 100 compost/ organic matter, which significantly increases its soil health.
  • Urban Tree Soil – for tree planting in hard landscape situations.
  • BLS Plus- Natural, single-source screened topsoil – premium ‘as dug natural soil’, processed by passing over modern screening equipment with a 100% organic and vegan approved digestate bio fertiliser, which significantly increases the soil health.
  • EX 1 Extensive Green Roof Substrate – extensive green roof substrate mixture of virgin crushed brick and PASS 100 certified compost.
  • BLS 20 – Natural, single-source screened topsoil – sandy clay loam topsoil, that is suitable for general landscaping purposes, trees, shrubs, amenity grass.

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