Real estate marketing and 3D visualization tools: the reason and advantages

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Construction companies that had a thoughtful and long-term strategy focused on the consumer, and even before the onset of the pandemic moved communication and business processes online, now found themselves one step ahead of those developers who were caught off guard by the crisis. However, it is too early to relax. It depends on how the marketing promotion of companies and their facilities works during the crisis, who will occupy the leading positions in the market, and who will go down to the bottom of the ranking and stay there for the next number of years.

The younger millennial audience is more likely to be influenced by digital marketing in newer channels such as social media and social networking platforms than marketing through traditional channels. This generation values ​​social queues and images shared by friends more. For this reason, high-quality images that can be shared online or embedded in videos can be a very valuable marketing tool! There’s a reason that serious digital marketing campaigns have been built around some of the most expensive properties in the world, developers of which opted for 3D services. As marketing is all about creating emotions and adding some flare, 3D Visualization by Visengine will definitely help you make the desired impact. 

Why market real estate projects with 3D visualization?

This is not only the perfect way to communicate your idea but also allows us to eliminate problems before they occur in reality. With the continuous development of 3D visualization technology, people are paying more and more attention to this solution. Especially in the real estate industry, 3D architectural tours have become a marketing trend, allowing customers to roam freely around a building in the form of a 3D animation before investing. Not only is it more intuitive than a traditional image, but it also gives customers an immersive experience with a photorealistic 3D tour of the facility.

For those projects that are under development or ready for construction, the 3D architectural tours break the imagination by combining 3D modeling, music, animation, and 3D visualization with the viewer and space to experience a virtual tour of the building.

Advantages of 3D Architectural Tours for Real Estate Marketing

1. Enhance the visual effect

Once the 3D architectural visualization and animation are complete, it can be played on the real estate sales floor so that customers can experience the visual effect at first glance when they walk through the door. Vivid video highlights the real estate’s benefits, and dynamic sound grabs viewers’ attention. From the moment customers enter the hall, virtual video marketing is completed.

2. Better understanding

2G architectural plans are difficult to understand, even when rendered with still CGI, which is unable to keep up with customer requirements. 3D architectural tours have an advantage over a 2D floor plan as they allow clients to fully understand the design and, more importantly, the layout. 3D visualization and animation can integrate scattered text and, finally, sound and image information in a video. What’s more, 3D step-by-step technology plays an essential role in stimulating the desire of customers to buy by intuitively providing a panoramic view of the real state, including general architectural features, geographical location, surrounding facilities, transportation network, etc.

3. Online and offline promotion

In the age of the Internet, businesses can display 3D architectural projects on their website for long-term investment, rental, and evaluation activities. Bright and intuitive animation effect, combined with dynamic music, enhances the impact of promotion online and offline.

4. Interactive form, better experience

With a 3D architectural step-by-step guide, 3D walkthrough companies can use a dynamic interactive way to study the future architecture or urban area comprehensively. Through interaction, the overall effect will be more vivid. The 3D step-by-step function allows the audience to walk freely and watch the “building roaming,” bringing an incomparable sense of reality and the scene to the target audience and letting them feel on the stage so that the customers can better understand the spatial planning and design.

5. Emotional Connection

The company’s 3D architectural management strives to foster greater human interaction and connection in the form of storytelling, which is realized through 3D photorealistic rendering, excellent camera composition, and the use of music, style, and theme. The company’s 3D step-by-step animation asks for more information and a step-by-step guide before starting to create excitement among its target customers and shareholders. Compared to non-emotional content, high-value content easily creates an emotional connection with the viewer, which is 28% more likely to be shared online.

6. Increase conversions

What is the basic standard for a marketing campaign? The answer is the conversion rate, which is the key to measuring the success of every marketing plan. Based on 3D animated instructions, more and more leads can be converted into customers to provide presets. Additionally, recent research indicates that 71% of marketers seem to find video content easier to convert, and the industry average conversion rate for websites using video is 4.8%. Therefore, video content is considered an important part of the marketing strategy.

7. Presentation

The 3D architectural review is a means of demonstrating the proposed project, thanks to its higher form of content. Only by realistically capturing every detail and layout, engagement, and precise fashion can they bring an architectural design to life. With the help of intuitive services, such as 3D streaming services, you can find that this type of video content is sure to satisfy potential buyers and investors.

8. Accessibility

A potential buyer prefers to view 3D tours online, which is effective in removing obstacles and doubts in viewing a fully built space before making an investment. In addition, customers are available to view your site online 24/7 if necessary, helping you reach people all over the world for business.

9. Competitive edge

How to stand out in an industry full of fierce competition? One of the best things a business can do is find a competitive advantage that can set you apart from the crowd. In terms of 3D walkthroughs, it is considered to be the most effective and engaging type of content, other than text and images, in a marketing strategy. Research shows that videos allow a 53% chance to appear on the first page of search engines, which can help to reach a new level in search engines and beat the competition.


Clearly, this form of video marketing, which is becoming an integral part of the marketing campaign, is influencing property development and the strategies of developers and real estate agents. There are many different forms of 3D architectural walkthroughs, such as 3D exteriors, 3D interior walkthroughs, 3D walkthroughs of master plans, and 3D floor plans.


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