Hedging and homes: why you should plant hedges in your new home

Hedging and homes: why you should plant hedges in your new home

Buying a brand new home can be fun, especially when you know that you will be the first person to ever reside in that property. That being said, you may find that a newbuild home lacks the character or personality that may be found somewhere that has been loved, and lived in, previously. Due to this, you may want to stamp your own brand onto the place to help you enjoy it even more.

Do so quickly

To help you get settled in, you may want to make some changes that are somewhat instant. Needing to wait months or years for your hedges to grow can be somewhat tedious, especially if you want them in place to stop people from looking in. You might find it useful to opt for some fast-growing Laurel from the Hedging UK website. These plants may have already been grown for some time, allowing them to stand a great deal taller than saplings. You may then be able to simply position them where you like within your garden, dig deep enough holes for the size of the hedge you have bought, and move them into place. Due to the size and weight of these hedges, you may require some help from another adult to be able to manoeuvre them and ensure they are planted correctly, both straight and secure.

Figure out your boundaries

When there is nothing in place at the front or sides of your home, it can be difficult to figure out which parts of the land belong to yourself, your neighbours, or are public property. By checking your documents, you may be able to gain precise measurements regarding what land belongs to you, or the person on the deeds of the house. Rather than needing to keep this paperwork on you at all times, you could instead opt to use hedging. This can not only prevent you, your neighbour, or even the general public from encroaching on your land, but also make those boundaries a lot clearer. When doing so, it can be important to take responsibility for your hedging, so that it doesn’t obstruct public walkways or cause a nuisance to other households.

Invite wildlife to your home

Whether you have bought a property in an urban or rural area, you may still want to see as many birds or animals as possible. Having hedging within your garden can be a great way of accomplishing this. Depending on your local area, this could provide foxes with some cover, protect hedgehogs, or even give mice or birds a place to raise their family. Add into this that plant life can also prove to be popular with bees and other pollinators. 

Before you purchase any hedges for your new home, you may want to first consider where they will be placed. This can allow you to find great spots where they get enough sun, and can really help to increase the amount of enjoyment you get out of your new home.

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