Job Security: Why is construction a good industry to be in?

Job Security: Why is construction a good industry to be in?

Job security is the single most important aspect for workers in the UK when it comes to remaining in work roles, according to a recent survey by worker advocates Acas. The survey revealed that job security beat out development opportunities and even effective leadership, with 43% of workers naming it an important part of their existing role.

There are two main elements that render a career path ‘secure’ or not: skills involved, and demand experienced. Typically, you will enjoy a long and lucrative career for specialising in a core skill that will always be needed, whether bricklaying or conflict resolution. With this in mind, then, what makes construction one of the best industries for job security, in which you can foster a steady career?


The construction sector is one of the safest in which to cultivate a career, for a number of reasons – the most crucial of which is perhaps the sheer demand it enjoys. Whether commercial premises, landscape architecture or simply the development of new build housing, construction companies are nothing short of necessary for the continued development of vital infrastructure.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a role with excellent job security, as well as a consistent pipeline of varying work projects, construction could be a great industry for you to get into.

Wide range of career options

The construction sector is a wide church, with roles to suit all skills and abilities. The boots on the ground, so to speak, are skilled workers that understand essential building techniques and processes. The construction manager’s job description is that of a delegator-in-chief, picking up people- and time-management skills in order to oversee the timely, safe and proper completion of a given project. However, this list is not exhaustive and is a job well-suited to anyone who enjoys keeping busy whilst juggling a variety of responsibilities.

Constructions also need financing, and those finances need managing – meaning roles for development managers and accountants alike, to say nothing of the myriad administrative roles that stitch complex builds together. Every part is important, and high demand for bespoke skills makes the industry especially safe to build a career within.

Construction is a constantly growing industry and one which offers great job security. If its of interest for you to enjoy a varied work role in a busy working environment, then investigate what construction could offer for you.

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