ADS backs CIRIA’s sustainable drainage community

ADS backs CIRIA’s sustainable drainage community

Advanced Drainage Systems Inc. (ADS) has become an official Supporter of susdrain, the community for sustainable drainage created by CIRIA, the construction industry research and information association. Susdrain is a community that provides a range of resources for those involved in delivering sustainable drainage systems (SuDS). It provides up-to-date guidance, information and case studies that help to underpin the planning, design, approval, construction and maintenance of SuDS.

The community of support is for all those – from flood risk managers and drainage and highways engineers through to planners, designers, landscape architects and developers – seeking to increase knowledge, confidence and the delivery of SuDS. 

Although a relatively new name in the UK, US-based ADS is a leader in the manufacture of corrugated thermoplastic drainage pipes and a specialist in water management systems. Its lead attenuation system in the SuDS environment is StormTech. Combining arch-shaped chambers with an innovative, integrated water quality treatment system, StormTech has been used successfully in over 50,000 projects worldwide employing in excess of 2.5 million units.

In respect of their new relationship with susdrain, ADS’s UK manager Stuart Crisp says: “Our support for susdrain forms part of our commitment to provide class-leading information and solutions to the SuDS community, as well as improving awareness of our proven StormTech system. For instance, StormTech fully complies with the recently updated Design and Construction Guidance for foul and surface water sewers offered for adoption under the Code for adoption agreements for water and sewerage companies operating wholly or mainly in England.

This means that water companies in England can accept StormTech when offered for adoption by developers under Section 104 Agreements in accordance with the Water Industry Act 1991.

Additionally, recent structural modelling to Eurocodes has demonstrated that StormTech SuDS attenuation chambers can be installed to the minimum and maximum cover depths that are detailed within the standard ADS installation guidelines, originally based on US Standards.

Through susdrain, we hope to contribute to the knowledge base of SuDS practitioners and illustrate the viability of StormTech, based on the hard empirical proof now available.” For more information on Advanced Drainage Systems, visit

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