New spray foam insulation course launched for surveyors

New spray foam insulation course launched for surveyors

Huntsman Building Solutions, a leading manufacturer of spray foam insulation, has launched a brand-new training programme to support surveyors and construction professionals to build their knowledge of the insulation material.

Spray foam insulation is growing in popularity in the UK as more homeowners look to home improvements in response to the ongoing energy crisis. According to government figures which state that 54% of UK homes have an energy efficiency rating below C1, millions of homes in the UK could benefit from improved insulation, helping to save occupants money on their heating bills and making homes more energy efficient. A key driving force behind the upcoming ECO+ scheme, improving energy efficiency will help to curb growing emissions from the UK’s housing stock.

While more people are turning to spray foam insulation, research carried out by Huntsman Building Solutions found that more than half of UK surveyors are unfamiliar with spray foam insulation and have a limited understanding of this product. As well as limiting their ability to properly assess homes with spray foam insulation installed, this lack of understanding is compounding the reluctance of mortgage lenders to finance homes which have improved their performance with spray foam.

The research, which sought the opinions of a cross-section of UK-based surveyors*, found that 41% of surveyors possess limited knowledge of spray foam and 17% know nothing at all about this insulation solution.

Simon Baker, President of Huntsman Building Solutions (HBS), says: “While the performance of spray foam insulation is proven with BBA certification, we recognise the urgent need to support professionals to strengthen their knowledge of the material. In turn, we can correct the misconceptions around the insulation material and enable more UK homes to benefit from its performance.

“Our brand-new training modules represent our starting point on this journey. Designed specifically for surveyors, our technical department will help surveyors in understanding how to assess an installation, identify the differences between correctly installed and poorly installed spray foam, and its benefits in comparison to traditional insulation methods. Equipped with a rounded understanding of the material, professionals can make more informed decisions, in turn supporting homeowners to maximise the performance of their homes – safe in the knowledge they’re doing so for the long-term.”

For UK homeowners looking to improve energy efficiency through a properly insulation loft space, Huntsman Building Solutions recommends the use of open-cell spray foam insulation and states the product should only be installed by trusted and trained professionals. HBS Authorised Installer Network provides a way to source qualified contractors, ensuring safe, correct and fully documented installations.

Training modules on spray foam insulation will run throughout the year, with the first session taking place on Friday 3rd February.

The training is free to attend, and tickets can be reserved here:

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