The Offsite Guide – A Revolutionary One-Stop Resource for Modern Methods of Construction (MMC)

The Offsite Guide – A Revolutionary One-Stop Resource for Modern Methods of Construction (MMC)

Launched in January 2023 The Offsite Guide is the first B2B marketplace in the UK and Europe for MMC – a platform for businesses to explore options for using Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) and interact with specialist manufacturers.

As a marketplace TOG facilitates engagement between key market participants and drives awareness of the many benefits of MMC including more efficient production, economies of scale and repeatability. In doing so it provides a central point of reference for product variety, availability, & pricing specification. Crucially, it provides a platform for direct communication between a wide range of providers and their potential customers in this fragmented market.

“At The Offsite Guide we attract and facilitate early interaction with customers, allowing manufacturers of commercial and domestic modular buildings and offsite solutions to showcase a range of their products & help educate potential customers. We provide a trusted platform not only for showcasing offsite construction, but also to facilitate initial dialogue and ongoing interaction between customers, manufacturers and MMC suppliers.” Ingrid Orbie – Director

For TOG Partners, listing MMC case studies & solutions on the Offsite Guide marketplace is a cost-effective method for manufacturers to bring in targeted traffic. Partners listings can easily be found under various search categories that can subtlety hand off and complement other marketing channels in the marketeer’s toolbox. Listing as a partner will also assist the partner company’s own website SEO ranking in an effective and cost-efficient way.

For companies offering products and services complementary to MMC, creating an entry in the TOG Directory is an effective way to promote to the sector. These offsite system & product suppliers include companies offering panellised systems, sub-assemblies & components, as well as site based MMC structural components. This also includes offsite main contractors & other professionals including main & general contractors, offsite/modular solutions, offsite consultants & engineers, offsite designers, and digital designers and architects. A wider group of offsite trades people are also included in the Directory such as groundwork companies, electricians, carpenters, plumbers, landscape & external works contractors, flooring installers, painters & decorators, and all associated construction products like road signs, PPE, damage protection products, health & safety products.

Whether listing as a TOG Partner on the marketplace or as Advertiser in the Directory, TOG offers an opportunity to raise brand awareness, increase a company’s visibility and gain access to new customers. Through TOG’s marketing and launch promotion campaigns TOG is striving to elevate MMC sales channels and engage with the market in a more efficient and effective way.

Until now, there has been a lack of any resource for either private and commercial buyers to search & compare modular buildings and offsite solutions and engage directly with suppliers. The Offsite Guide provides this much needed resource in this fast-developing market.

Online marketplaces are prevalent in many different B2B and B2C markets and are globally recognised as efficient methods of delivering fast, efficient and timely market interaction. By bringing proven marketplace technology to the MMC market TOG is strengthening the ecosystem of the MMC construction sector.

Housing associations (HAs), developers, builders, self-builders, schools and universities, suppliers, central and local governments are all seeking more sustainable and efficient ways of construction. The TOG marketplace facilitates that search for proven solutions and gives examples and case studies that show ways that organisations and developers can break tradition and drive efficiency using MMC. Ultimately this is a wayto share information and experience, as well as to educate the market.

To find out more and to benefit from TOG’s marketing expertise in the built environment and the construction sector go to Partner and Advertiser eBooks can be downloaded from the site that give more detail of the services on offer.

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