Klober Quietly Confident For 2023 Due to Robust Futureproofing

Klober Quietly Confident For 2023 Due to Robust Futureproofing

On the week the Bank of England announced that inflation is easing across the UK[1], Klober echoed a sense of positivity as it reports a cautiously optimistic start to 2023. However, Klober warns that navigating demand and volatility of raw material prices will remain a challenge for many across the roofing sector.

In response to current economic landscape, Klober is ensuring the necessary measures are in place to help customers remain agile. Notably, it is continuing to expand its range of products with the planned introduction of 20 new SKUs in Q1 with good, better, and best options available in more categories. According to Klober, this will enable merchants and contractors to stay competitive in the potentially contracting new build and repair, maintenance, and improvement (RMI) sectors.

Control over the supply chain is another area that Klober is continuing to build upon as it aims to leverage the strength of its position in one of the largest construction manufacturing businesses in the world, BMI Group. Klober manufactures the majority of its products in four of its own factories, as well as being able to draw on the wider 116 manufacturing locations in the BMI Group.

Klober has recently started making a number of verges, such as the new Ambi Verge and Thin Leading Edge, at its Mittelheim factory in Germany, with significant investment into moulds and machinery.

The business has also made recent internal structural changes that mean the UK team will be working more closely with their overseas colleagues for product enhancement.

Chris Nicholls, Klober

Chris Nicholls, Commercial Director at Klober comments: “Of course we’re pleased to see such a strong start to the year, but we also realise the risk of being overly optimistic. What we can be certain about, however, is the fact we have invested significantly in having good control over our supply chain, as well as the wide breadth range of products on the market.

“Being part of BMI not only means we can pass on that level of reassurance to customers that A, we will have high-performing product readily available at a price that suits, but B, that we are continuing to innovate based on our shared knowledge and learning throughout the group. Our membranes are a case in point whereby we have worked with our French and German colleagues to provide market leading products such as our Permo Air. We now have various similar workstreams ongoing which are linked to a number of pending product launches.”

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