How To Conduct An Office Cleaning On A Weekday

How To Conduct An Office Cleaning On A Weekday

A day in the office is often full of many activities. Some workers are welcoming clients, while others are toiling their hours balancing accounting books, preparing reports, and brainstorming for the next big company project. Having possible distractions can negatively impact the work of your team members.

Hence, in most cases, you’ll find most offices scheduling cleaning for the weekend to avoid any distractions. But if the need arises, you may need to perform office cleaning on a weekday in your workplace. This can be tough yet not totally impossible to carry out.  

Then, how do you conduct office cleaning on a weekday successfully? Here’s a guide to the process that can help you out:

Plan Ahead

Planning is a great way to execute projects successfully. It’s something you want to adopt as you clean your office on a weekday too. 

Start by picking a date or dates for the cleaning. It could be on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The number of days needed for cleaning depends on the scope of work: the more the space to clean, the more weekdays to include. It’d also help to allocate timeframes of the day, like from 8AM to 10AM. 

The other aspect you need to carefully plan for is finances. Create a budget for the cleaning process. It should include money for buying cleaning tools and the labour you’ll use. Since the cleaning will take place during the week, it’s best to seek day porter services to help you with the cleaning.

Keep Your Whole Team In The Loop

It’s always important to keep your workers in the loop when you’re planning to do office cleaning on a weekday. In this case, inform your team of the weekday office cleaning. It’d help to remind them a week prior, as well as the day before. Doing so ensures they prepare themselves physically and psychologically.

Additionally, it’d help to communicate the plan through a memo or a meeting so that no one is left uninformed. Communication is key to the success of your weekday cleaning – this can’t be stressed enough. 

Use The Right Cleaning Products

There’s a wide range of cleaning products you can use. Each one is best utilized in certain situations. In this case, the situation is cleaning on a weekday. It means you have to buy products certified for office use. Additionally, go for products without strong scents because some workers might be allergic to strong smells. 

Office furniture comes in various materials. Some are wooden, while others are made from fabric. You can easily use water to clean the wood. But you want to avoid water to clean fabric furniture. Vacuuming is the ideal cleaning solution for fabric furniture. 

It’s important to consider the location you’re cleaning as well. Some spaces, such as the bathroom, require disinfectants. Meanwhile, the kitchen needs food-friendly cleaning products. Since it’s an office setting, there are pieces of electric equipment, like laptops, that need special cleaning tools. It’s because you can’t use water and soap on them. There are special cleaning products for them; ensure you buy them for proper use.

Work In Sections

This read has already established that cleaning the office on a weekday means workers are working. It’s best to clean the office in sections to maintain productivity.

A cleaning schedule will come in handy. If time isn’t on your side, create a schedule throughout the week. You can arrange to clean bathrooms on Mondays, office floors on Wednesdays, and windows and doors on Fridays. Working in sections prevents distractions and ensures work productivity.

Points To Note When Doing Office Cleaning On A Weekday

The easiest way to manage office cleaning on a weekday is by being proactive and consistent. Do this by practicing proper waste management all the time. It’d help to segregate wastes, based on type, for proper disposal. Have a section for biodegradable, non-biodegradable, and recyclable ones. 

Sensitize your workers to these disposal techniques and their importance. Have your workers handle their trash responsibly. For instance, they shouldn’t throw waste on the office floor or their desks.

The other thing to note is that office cleaning doesn’t only touch on the indoor space. It extends to the outdoor space, like the parking lot and compound. Having your immediate outdoor area clean presents a positive representation of your company to the public. 


A clean office is essential in providing a good environment for workers to fulfil their responsibilities. With the need to ascertain this, you might require to clean the office on weekdays. The discussion above guides on ensuring the weekday-cleaning process is thorough and effective. Keep the tips featured in mind in order to successfully carry out office cleaning on a weekday.

How To Conduct An Office Cleaning On A Weekday

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