SITECH® raises awareness of tech-led efficiencies at Tarmac open day

SITECH® raises awareness of tech-led efficiencies at Tarmac open day

SITECH® UK & Ireland, authorised dealer of Trimble® machine control systems, staged an open day for Tarmac staff to learn more about the efficiency savings that the latest technology offerings can bring to construction projects – including in-depth reporting on carbon emissions and fuel efficiency. 

To complement Tarmac’s ‘rock to road’ ethos the event demonstrated to site-based staff, contract and project managers how software can be used to support a project from start to finish – from site survey, design and 3D model creation to machine control then final ‘as-built’ and reports detailing the work that has taken place, which also fulfils health and safety file requirements.

This can yield significant benefits for productivity and accuracy, which are paramount for Tarmac, in particular on projects such as motorways and runways. For example, machine control software that is fed directly into the operators can be monitored remotely to avoid costly errors, which in a worst-case scenario could see a road have to be resurfaced. This is backed with expert SITECH support to offer technical help if there are any issues with the software being used.

However, with the capabilities of site-based software solutions constantly moving forwards it is important that companies stay at the forefront of technology solutions in order to ensure they are making the most of what is available. 

Craig Topley, National Contracting Technology Manager at Tarmac, said: “The overarching aim of the open day was to raise awareness and increase our understanding of the Trimble machine automation technologies across all of our UK contracting teams. To better support us on the projects that require more precise placement of premium materials.

“There are many providers offering similar construction options in the industry so we must keep on the front foot with innovation to ensure our solutions offering reflects our customer needs. Events like this allow time for the key staff to ask the experts all their questions in a more relaxed environment. Being able to see the software demonstrated provides better understanding of how it works on site in practice.

“Utilising technology to increase productivity and reduce resources required to operate machinery whilst recording what is being done is a major factor to achieving material, fuel and carbon savings on our construction sites as well as improving safety through the way the workforce is deployed.”

Tarmac already uses asphalt planning software on projects across its eleven UK branches as accuracy with paving machines provides smoother roads of higher quality for the benefit of the public. Machine control via specialist hardware and software is one of the many tools that Tarmac offers clients for enhanced scheme delivery.

Danielle Barker, Strategic Accounts Manager at SITECH, who organised the event added that as well as built in efficiencies, early use of software can deliver added value that will result in real cost savings. 

She said: “The comprehensive nature of the software systems, and the in-depth information and analysis that can be provided at the very start of a project allow any issues to be identified at an early point, saving costs that could be incurred if a problem was identified down the line.

“The key to efficient construction is reliable, usable data, at every stage. The more available knowledge you have up front and throughout the project, in real time, the more effective and efficient the project will be.”

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