LEAP® toward Sustainable Construction

LEAP® toward Sustainable Construction

LEAP® calcium aluminate-based specialty binders engineered to design lean mix mortars, able to do in one minute what used to take an hour and requiring much less product in a formulation — thus providing a giant ‘leap’ in specialty binder performance..

Doing more with less

Population growth and increasing urbanisation around the world is creating huge and growing demand for construction and improvements to vital infrastructure. Sustainability is a catalyst for fundamental change across the industry. At the same time, the climate crisis calls for global action to dramatically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and create a low carbon economy.

In short, the industry needs to do more with less – building smarter, faster and leaner. This requires alternative building products offering greater speed and agility. It means new composite material solutions and innovative new mineral combinations enabling the production of complex building envelopes from sustainable materials.

LEAP® was developed to be a very robust binder with good reactivity at low temperatures, high early strength and dimensional stability. This means there are no compromises on both early and long-term performance. Moreover, LEAP®’s efficiency has a direct impact on a building’s Life Cycle Analysis and makes an environmental contribution to the downstream value chain.

“LEAP® opens up ambitious new doors for both product performance and sustainable construction, allowing manufacturers to do much more with much less. It’s the next chapter in our proud and well-established calcium aluminate story.” Laurent Torres, Marketing Director of Imerys Construction.

“The first, and major, benefit of using LEAP® is Lean Mix-Design, with up to 25% less product and raw materials required in a formulation for higher performing construction material with a lower CO2 footprint. By doing more with less, LEAP® enables unparalleled performance in all kinds of building materials, from grey to engineered mortars.”

Hervé Fryda, Research & Development Director for Imerys Construction.

High performance, high applicability

Available as a ready-to-use powder with a long shelf life, LEAP®’s versatility allows manufacturers to tailor-make all applicative properties. “From repair mortars, precision grouts, screeds, tile adhesives… To mineral foams for boards & precast, LEAP® is THE technology to power Sustainable Construction in all applications,” adds Jérôme Grolleau, EMEA Sales Director for Imerys Building Solutions. Moreover, LEAP®’s light white colour gives it a visual appeal, meaning it can be leveraged for aesthetic purposes.

With the various grades already available, the LEAP® technology platform opens the way for many new exciting formulations and potential for construction materials. When leveraged with Imerys’ technical expertise and network, the possibilities for tailor-made solutions are almost limitless.

Key technical and sustainability benefits:

  • Lean mix-design for low carbon footprint Mortars: lower environmental impact of the final formulations.
  • Mineral accelerator for low carbon concretes: Allows the concrete industry to use LC3-type binders without losing any performance at Low temperature.
  • Enhanced Robustness:
    • No compromise; Early strength and long-lasting performance.
    • Iso-reactivity, from 5°C to 35°C.
  • Secured Dimensional Stability.

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