CLD Systems Sets New Standards in Stadium Security

CLD Systems Sets New Standards in Stadium Security

As one of the largest suppliers of security fencing in the UK, CLD Systems offer tailored, trusted, and durable security solutions to protect environments such as data centres, education, logistics hubs, manufacturing and warehouses, elite professional sporting venues, open spaces, and Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) sites.

Recently, CLD Systems embarked on a remarkable project that showcased its expertise. Tasked with transforming the home of West Ham Untied FC at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park’s London Stadium, a prominent stadium hosting Major League Baseball London Series fixtures, CLD Systems demonstrated its commitment to excellence and delivered a significant enhancement to the stadium’s infrastructure.

The project commenced with CLD Systems being appointed by a pitch installer, the key entity responsible for the stadium’s transformation. CLD Systems Systems’ primary role was to provide a robust fencing system that would enclose the perimeter of the baseball field. This system not only served as an integral structure to form the field build but also had to withstand the impact of professional athletes running at full speed and occasionally climbing the fencing to catch a ball. Additionally, the fencing system provided support for the installation of padding, ensuring player safety, and acted as a platform for advertising and marketing purposes.

The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park’s London Stadium project involved multiple concurrent activities, including the reconstruction of stadium seating, protection of the football pitch and athletics track, and the creation of a new artificial baseball field. The scale of the project was substantial, requiring 144,000 square feet of turf, 345 tonnes of clay, and an impressive 4,000 tonnes of aggregate.

The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park’s London Stadium project exemplified international collaboration, as professionals from Canada, the USA, Australia, Poland, Greece, and Scotland came together to contribute their expertise. This diverse team ensured a multifaceted approach to the stadium’s transformation, incorporating various perspectives and best practices.

The efficiency and professionalism of all teams involved were evident throughout the project. Completed within a remarkable 18-day timeline, the stadium was decommissioned and made ready for the next event in under five days. The impact of the project was reflected in the remarkable attendance figures, with over 110,000 spectators witnessing the grandeur of the revitalised stadium. The highest attendance record was set on Saturday, with 54,622 spectators, which was surpassed the following day when Sunday’s attendance peaked at an impressive 55,565.

CLD System’s director, Russell Wells said, “We are proud to have been part of the MLB World Series at the London Stadium project, contributing our expertise in security fencing to enhance the safety and integrity of the venue. The collaboration with our esteemed partners and stakeholders has allowed us to set new standards in stadium security, ensuring a seamless experience for fans and players alike.”

The successful collaboration between CLD Systems and other stakeholders played a crucial role in delivering a stadium transformation that captivated both fans and players. The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park’s London Stadium now stands as an iconic landmark, showcasing innovative design, meticulous planning, and seamless teamwork.

CLD Systems’ involvement in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park’s London Stadium project highlights its commitment to setting new standards in stadium security. By providing tailored, trusted, and durable security solutions, CLD Systems ensures the safety and enjoyment of all who attend major sporting events while contributing to the creation of inspiring and secure spaces.

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