Endpoint Cybersecurity Systems to Secure 210 Million Industrial Endpoints by 2028; Driven By Critical Infrastructure Threats
Endpoint Cybersecurity Systems to Secure 210 Million Industrial Endpoints by 2028; Driven By Critical Infrastructure Threats

A new study by Juniper Research, the foremost experts in technology markets, has found that there will be growth of 107% over the next five years in the number of industrial endpoints featuring cybersecurity protection.  

The research identified the rise of interconnected processes within the Industry 4.0 revolution as increasingly exposing critical industrial infrastructure to external threats; requiring wholesale changes in how industrial stakeholders secure their operations. 

Juniper Research defines an industrial endpoint as any physical or virtual device that is connected to a network in order to send and receive information in an industrial setting.

Find out more about the new report, Global Industrial Endpoint Cybersecurity Market 2023-2028, or download a free sample.

Rising Threats to Accelerate Industrial Endpoint Security Spend

The research found that industrial endpoint cybersecurity spend will reach $7.8 billion by 2028; rising from $3.8 billion in 2023. This rapid growth of 105% demonstrates how quickly the market is evolving, and how industrial endpoint cybersecurity is rapidly becoming a priority for cybersecurity vendors. 

Research co-author Nick Maynard commented: “As more processes become connectivity enabled, the threat environment within industrial settings is exponentially increasing. Cybersecurity vendors must partner with key industrial IoT vendors to better secure this problematic area.”

Are Industrial Vendors Sufficiently Prepared for Evolving Threats?

With the research forecasting 21% of industrial endpoints to be protected by endpoint cybersecurity services by 2028, this is ultimately a very low proportion of total industrial endpoints. As such, industrial stakeholders must move much faster to secure their critical operations, or they will face spiralling threats from nefarious actors. Boosting visibility in the industrial supply chain and optimising cloud security for critical operations will be vital to ensuring greater protection levels. 

About the Research Suite    

The new market research suite offers the most comprehensive assessment of the industrial endpoint cybersecurity market to date; providing analysis and forecasts of over 20,000 datapoints across 60 countries over five years. It includes a ‘Competitor Leaderboard’ and an examination of future market opportunities.

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