Finding Home Insurance on a Budget – Tips for Peace of Mind

Finding Home Insurance on a Budget - Tips for Peace of Mind

We’re all feeling the squeeze on our finances at the moment. Counting every penny, shopping around for the best deals and cutting back on anything that isn’t considered essential to make our money go further is now the norm for households up and down the country. 

Giving up days and meals out, takeaways, even holidays and shopping for budget versions of our favourite household items are just some of the ways people are saving money, however declining to take out a house insurance policy, shouldn’t be one of them. It’s easy to think that home insurance is a luxury we can afford to give up, but in reality, if the worst were to happen and you didn’t have cover in place, you could find yourself in a dire financial situation. In this post, we’ll explore how to keep your home insurance premiums as low as possible and how you can find cheaper home insurance. 

Shop Around For The Right Price

We’re all encouraged to shop around for the right price. Whether it’s the cost of our groceries, car insurance or even pet cover, it’s important you get the right price to begin with, before you start looking for ways to keep your premiums down. If you’re looking for a cheap home insurance quote, you should start your search online. But don’t be pulled into using just any comparison site, you’ll need one that compares multiple providers and has a good Trust Pilot review, this way, you see more of the market and have a better chance of finding the right cover at the right price.  

Remember, not only are you looking for the right price, but you’ll also need to explore all the small print and deals that are out there, to ensure the right price means you’re getting the right policy!

Consider Combining Your Policies

Did you know that buildings and contents insurance is usually sold separately? Therefore, it might be worth combining these policies to see if you get the coverage you need for a better price. In addition to a potential saving, if you did need to make a claim for both buildings and contents, then your claim will be handled by the same provider, making it a much simpler, straightforward process.

Consider Paying Your Premiums Annually

We’re all tightening our belts, but in some cases, if you choose to pay your insurance annually rather than monthly, you can receive a discount – and in this economy, every little helps!

Increase Your Home Security

If you’ve found the right policy, then it’s now time to look at keeping your premiums as low as possible. One way to do this is to increase the security in and around your home. Whether you’ve just renovated a property or you’re living in a listed building, there are ways to do this, including installing burglar alarms and cameras, installing smoke detectors, using a safe for your valuables and installing outdoor lights. 

Protect Your Home Against Flooding

If you live somewhere that is prone to flooding, then taking the necessary precautions to prevent flooding (to the best of your ability) can also keep your premiums low. You could install raised electrical sockets, have sandbags to hand, and even anti-flood barriers at the boundary of your property. 

Final Thoughts…

Don’t convince yourself that buildings and contents insurance is something you can afford to live without. Start by comparing providers, today.  


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