Does Your Business Need A Monument Sign?

Does Your Business Need A Monument Sign?

Almost every business owner understands the importance of having signage. Signs advertise your business and let consumers know the location of your store. Some signs can even let consumers know what type of products or services your business specializes in.

While there are different types of signage, from small placards to gigantic billboards, some businesses benefit from monument signs.  But what are monument signs, and how do you know if your business needs one?

Don’t Confuse Monument with Pylon Signs

Monument and pylon signs are similar in use and appearance, as both are outdoor, weather-resistant architectural signs. However, pylon signs tend to be taller and are visible at greater distances, while monument signs are closer to the ground and are meant to be seen from parking lots and sidewalks. Depending on the position, monument signs can direct consumers to the business’s front doors

Pylon signs also advertise businesses but often list all of the shops in the shopping plaza. They can also come with restrictions since their height can limit their placement, unlike monument signs that typically rest on the ground. On the other hand, power lines, tree limbs, and other obstacles aren’t an issue with monument signs.

Benefits of Monument Signs

Is your business hidden in a corner or any other type of hard-to-find location? Maybe you’re surrounded by competition and want to make your brand stand out. 

A monument sign can capture the attention of passing pedestrians and motorists who may not have noticed your business. Since most monument signs, also known as monolith signs, are placed close to the business, it helps ensure you’re not passed by in favor of a competitor.

Monolith signs are also extremely durable, as they’re carefully designed to be weather-resistant and last for years. This helps maximize your marketing budget since you’re not replacing the signage every few months or even years.

The long-lasting sign also sends a positive message to consumers, indicating your business is established and planning on being around for the long term. Consumers typically prefer sticking with one brand instead of searching for a new one. Giving consumers the sense your brand is here to stay can help build and increase customer loyalty.

Another way monument signs help to maximize your advertising budget is they never stop working. The signage advertises your location 24/7. In the long run, it’s typically cheaper to install a monolith sign than to pay for print advertising.

Did you know you can have a monument sign that matches the building’s existing architecture to better blend in? You can have a monument sign constructed from the same material as the building, giving your business a consistent look from your door to the sign.

Material Options

So, what materials can you use to create a custom monolith sign? Your options are almost endless, with some ideas including the following:

  • Brick or stone are durable materials and create stable, elegant signs. If you live in areas where wind gusts are common, stability is a key concern.
  • If you want something that can withstand almost any type of weather and has a classic appearance, concrete is a good material to choose and use. Park entrances often use concrete monument signs to welcome visitors.
  • Wood isn’t as durable as some other materials, but it gives the signage a traditional look. Think of the signs you often see heading into cottage resort parks. These signs are often constructed from wood.
  •  Foamcore is a lightweight and cost-effective option. You get the look of brick or stone without the heft price tag. Best of all, Foamcore signs are easy to remove when you’re ready to replace them with a more traditional material.
  • High-density urethane is a popular option for monument signs. The material is easy to shape, making it ideal for businesses with intricate logos and designs.

Sometimes, you want a more modern sign advertising your business—in this case, consider going with an aluminum or metal monolith sign. The material is also easy to shape and gives the sign a sleek and modern appearance.

How to Use Monument Signs

There are countless uses for monument signs besides simply directing consumers to your business. You can use the signage to display business information, promote your brand, or advertise sales, promotions, and other types of events.

Some monument signs also incorporate LED lighting, expanding their potential for possible uses. With a digital monument sign, you can change the message as often as you wish.

Advertise Your Business with a Monument Sign

A monument sign is an effective way of ensuring your business stands out from the competition and helping you secure more customers. 

With a wide variety of materials to choose from, including adding LED lights and other options, you can grab and keep consumers’ attention, which in turn often leads to an increase in sales and your overall brand awareness. 


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