Game-changing energy monitoring sockets named physical technology of the year

Game-changing energy monitoring sockets named physical technology of the year

Honeywell’s Connected Power, one of the first fully integrated commercial solutions for monitoring and controlling plug-in power, has been named a winner at this year’s Energy Awards in the Physical Technology category.

Coming at a time when energy consumption is among the top priorities for businesses across the UK, the Connected Power solution is designed to give building and energy managers the capability to remotely monitor, control and automate sockets across their premises. Making this switch can help save energy consumed by plug-in devices, in the United States on average in a minimally code-compliant office building, plug loads may account for 25% or less of total energy consumption and in high efficiency buildings, plug loads may account for more than 50% of the total energy consumption[i].

“Celebrating excellence in ways to reduce energy consumption, winning the award for Physical Technology of the Year at the Energy Awards is not just a testament to the technology itself, but to the impact this solution can have on one of the biggest challenges faced by UK businesses today,” says Steve Kenny, vice president and general manager, Honeywell Building Management Systems.

“One of the most overlooked factors during efficiency improvement plans is small power usage. It’s overlooked because there has historically been a lack of visibility into how much energy is consumed by plug-in devices, and a lack of control of unnecessary consumption. Connected Power has been designed to overcome that and give businesses the tools they need to fully manage their plug-in power usage. It’s the first time this has been possible for UK companies.

“Businesses are continuously trying to minimise their energy consumption and costs. So, it’s imperative that they look towards longer term solutions that provide ongoing opportunities for improvement. There can be hundreds of electrical devices in any commercial building and taking charge of that energy usage becomes extremely important as energy prices shock businesses into reassessing their power consumption.”

Connected Power, developed by Honeywell’s MK Electric and Trend brands, launched in Spring 2023 following a test period that saw it installed at several sites across the UK. Energy efficiency was seen in several different building locations by powering equipment only when needed, with evident energy savings once scheduling was applied through the Connected Power solution.

The Energy Awards celebrates the energy industry’s innovations and achievements in best practice, business excellence, customer service and industry collaboration and brings together more than 600 key decision makers from across the industry.

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