8 Professionals Your Small Business Needs

8 Professionals Your Small Business Needs

Small business owners usually have a lot of things to do: managing the company and overseeing growth is a full-time job. Additionally, you may find yourself working on finances, handling technology issues, coordinating marketing teams, and training employees, which can be challenging. Therefore, make it a point to seek help to avoid burnout. As a tip, hire these five professionals and build a great team to grow your small business.

  1. Financial leader

Small businesses may hire experienced financial leaders to manage their cash flow and secure appropriate insurance coverage. In large enterprises, chief financial officers handle these roles. However, if your small business cannot afford a CFO, you can still work with a qualified financial leader to manage your accounting. Outsourcing your bookkeeping to independent accounting firms may also be a great idea. With time, you may need to recruit an in-house accounting manager to manage your payroll; a controller can offer professional assistance if you need help with financial reporting.

  1. Human resources manager

Many small businesses start without an HR leader, but you don’t have to overlook a human resources leader when your business grows. A human resources manager (HRM) can come in handy when you need to answer employee questions, review performance, and mediate conflicts. Additionally, HR professionals may provide legal assistance. You may want to hire those who understand employee regulatory responsibilities inside out to ensure compliance.

  1. Web designer

Your business website makes the first impression on prospective buyers and business partners. Therefore, work with a skillful web developer to build a great site. Small businesses don’t have to spend several thousands of dollars to create one. There are several affordable web design services to create a mobile-friendly, responsive, and professional website. Hire freelancers on Fiverr, LinkedIn, and other platforms to do the job on a budget.

  1. Managed IT expert

Many small businesses partner with technology leaders before setting up an in-house IT department. The slightest downtime can result in revenue losses for your business. These professionals can deliver effective and affordable IT support for your small business to increase productivity. This will help your business grow by minimising disruptions and improving uptime. Availability is vital for boosting customer satisfaction, so get technology support to ensure your systems are up and running 24/7. 

  1. Marketing

Partner with a marketing agency to promote your company with effective strategies. Marketing professionals can offer incredible services to help your business sell more products and services. This is because they target audiences faster, generate new leads, and increase customer loyalty. Different marketing services exist for small businesses, so choose the right option to achieve your business goals, whether you want to boost your social media presence, increase online visibility, or conduct market research. 

  1. Small business consultant

Small business consulting firms can play key roles in increasing your business performance by identifying existing problems and developing effective solutions. Seasoned business consultants can serve as your organisation’s advocates in the public domain. In some cases, your business may lack the expertise required to tackle big issues, so seeking these professionals becomes non-negotiable. Hiring a consulting firm is even more important when your business plans to undergo a major restructuring or expansion. 

  1. Operations leader

Small business operations usually involve development, manufacturing, and product/service delivery. That said, an operations leader may handle functions like logistics, order fulfillment,  customer service, and data management, which may be central to your business. Although small business owners may handle operations by themselves in the early years, this may not be sustainable when the business starts to grow.  So get an operationally-inclined business partner to lead crucial functions. An expert with good organisational skills and project management will help solve problems and streamline the business, so feel free to consider this.

  1. Trusted banker

Financial teams at your bank can assist your small business with services like checking accounts, credit card issues, and payment processing. A trusted banker may be a great resource when you need professional help to assess working capital, including business loans. The Small Business Administration advises you to work closely with your bank throughout the lending process, have a solid business plan, and show proof of success in past ventures. Your banker may improve your understanding of your company’s financial metrics like cash flow and creditworthiness. First-hand knowledge of your business’s financial standing can influence the decision process.

It’s pretty easy to stay on top of many business tasks when you are now starting. But as your company grows, this strategy may become obsolete, and you will need all the help you can get. Fortunately, you can work with these professionals to take your business to the next level.


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