Exciting News for UK Construction Safety!

Exciting News for UK Construction Safety!

Doka, a renowned provider of formwork and scaffolding solutions, has introduced its cutting-edge Xsafe Catch Fan system to the UK! 🌟

This innovative solution helps redefine benchmarks for construction site safety, making work environments safer and more efficient.

Let’s dive into the details:

Enhanced Safety: Falling materials, tools, and debris pose significant risks on construction sites. The Xsafe Catch Fan provides a safe, high-quality catch system that can be quickly deployed and repositioned with ease. Minimise unnecessary hazards!

Efficiency Boost: The Xsafe Catch Fan minimises the workforce needed for assembly and application. Clever mechanisms, including an easy-lock system and quick-folding net, streamline installation. Plus, it reduces the need for multiple workers on different levels during repositioning and cleaning.

All-Round Winner: Doka designed the vertical extensions of the Xsafe Catch Fan to meet customer needs. Square tubes simplify installation without requiring hole alignment for securing with bolts. And guess what? No adjustments are needed when moving it from floor to floor!

Corner Solution: Since early 2024, the Xsafe Catch Fan also features a unique foldable and EN 1263-compliant corner solution. It’s perfect for those tricky areas that are sometimes hard to cover. Few additional parts, maximum protection!

🔗 Learn more about Xsafe Catch Fan here: 🚀

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