Finning launches engineering-friendly drop-in power pack for industrial OEMs

Finning launches engineering-friendly drop-in power pack for industrial OEMs

Finning UK & Ireland, the world’s largest dealer of Cat® machines, engines, equipment and power solutions, has launched a new power pack designed specifically for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the industrial sector. Designed, built and supplied by Finning using a Cat C3.6 engine, it provides a flexible, configurable solution that can be integrated into a wide range of machines, helping OEMs streamline their engineering and testing processes.

The new power pack is part of an effort from Finning to support customers in their energy transition activities by developing customer-centric solutions that meet emissions regulations. It has been designed and built as a bespoke industrial power pack for the recently released Cat C3.6 industrial power unit – although designs are also available for other Cat engines – and enables integration with alternators, hydraulic pumps or hybrid systems.

Steffen Barrett, Sales Manager, Industrial Engines, at Finning UK & Ireland, said: “Our new Cat C3.6 power unit, which we’ve been developing for over three years, draws on our extensive experience in supplying power systems to the industrial sector. The unit is designed to be an end-to-end drop-in solution, reducing the number of suppliers OEMs need to manage while simplifying the integration process, as well as reducing engineering needs.

“What sets this power pack apart is its flexibility. It can be configured to fit a wide range of machines, and the design accommodates different engines, power ratings and emissions levels. This adaptability, combined with the robust construction suitable for harsh environments, makes it an ideal choice for industrial OEMs. By providing a comprehensive and configurable solution, we aim to help OEMs simplify their machine development process and bring their products to market faster.”

The power pack features a 300-litre fuel tank that can be serviced from the left or right-hand side, providing up to 16 hours of running time at a 70% load factor with the 100kW engine. Serviceability is a key focus, with all service items located in one area and drain ports positioned outside the canopy for easy access. 

Finning can also supply a full wiring and control system for all driveline types, including direct drive, hydraulic, electric drive and hybrid configurations. The control system is capable of managing both the engine and the machine itself.

The Cat C3.6 power unit is now available in the UK and Ireland through Finning.

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